Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tiger Engages in Obscenity to Lose Composure as Phil Mickelson Rises

It was a radical shout, heard with intense emotions and limited composure of Tiger Woods when he’s frustrated and delivers a poor performance. Not sure why spectators are stunned with his symbolic demeanor when he has a setback and lapses at the worst possible time. He can get away with foul language, but has clearly forgotten to tone down the profanity, in a sport most citizens perceive him as the influential model, even after his despicable and grotesque scandal.

Earlier in the week, he was the same man who constantly mentioned and overstated at times, that he was aiming to lead by example and have “respect for the game” in his return to the Masters. If so, he wouldn’t have engaged in obscenity at Augusta, on the beautiful surface where spectators welcomed Woods back with continuous standing ovations, thrilled of his fast recovery and mental approach on the game. This is clearly a staggering scene, surviving five months of hell with undying turbulence, which doomed his image and put a marriage in bedlam.

As he continues to intrigue us all, still in position to win his first title at the Masters in five years, Woods created uproars in his recent outburst on Saturday. This is something the crowd never anticipated, unless an individual who deeply despises him ever since his sex scandals stained believability. But more than anything, Woods wasn’t even supposed to be anywhere near contention, let alone sound off vulgarly at the mouth. If there’s one awful thing to scold Tiger about, it would be his pathetic language, which leads to trouble and creates an animus argument.

Eventually, we come to an understanding that he really didn’t mean any harm, later apologizing for his unnecessary swearing. From his struggles Saturday, it may have dictated Tiger’s fate, in which he may not win after all. From losing his composure, he’s no longer the favorite of fitting for a green jacket after an errant tee shot on six. While almost every one is rooting for Tiger and turning a sporting event into a publicity scene, Tiger is suffering from another collapse, presumably losing his touch when he bogeyed and started yelling “TIGER WOODS, YOU SUCK!”

Off to a brilliant start, a credible Woods presented an astonishing landscape at Augusta National, the center of attention everywhere he walked on the course. At a refreshing scene, in a friendly environment, Woods was greeted and cheered by thousands, but stumbled in the third round. In a week that he was given much adulation, he finally faltered in the critical round of the Masters, needing to recapture poise and dignity. And if so, he’ll enlarge stability and mental capacity to expectedly contend by Sunday afternoon.

His arrogant mouth has gotten him in trouble at the prominent golf course, on brink of losing again at the Masters, where he has had misadventures in recent memory. He has drawn more attention by bickering, rather than keeping his vow to minimize swearing on-course and maintain his ill-temper behavior of exploding in the midst of a triumphant moment. He has a potty mouth, a dirty mouth, once again acting out of character.

Rather than thinking before he reacts, Tiger reacts before thinking. In these Masters, he has experienced a frustrating round, falling to his nemesis Phil Mickelson. Maybe this is his time to take home a green jacket, ousting a five-shot deficit and has climbed the leaderboard as the top contender for his third green jacket. There’s Lee Westwood, currently at 12-under par and atop the leaderboard at Augusta, with Mickelson only five shots behind after making back-to-back eagles on 13 and 14.

Any golfer could rise into contention at this point. Woods seems to be suddenly declining, losing morale on a day where nothing worked in his favor. He was angry that a shot fell short of the flag, rolling 12 feet down a hill and rested in an unfavorable spot on the green. He was forced to take another shot, but even worse than before, it rolled past the hole and missed for a par.

Then, he bogeyed and dropped to 6-under. That was enough to make an irritable Tiger scream out loud, and curse in despair. Never did he toss his iron stick, but he was infuriated with himself, scowling, and screaming when he lapsed. Throughout the day, Woods became angrier, never finding his way back, but somehow managed to salvage his to third. By the seventh round, Tiger was agitated and fatigued with his struggles, mad with the world and himself. When he arrived at the 18th hole, the spectators applauded Woods, despite his ill-tempered attitude.

Is Tiger sure he’s a form of Buddha?