Monday, April 19, 2010

NBA Playoffs 2010: 'Melo Is Seriously On Fire; Leading Denver To Finals

We on fire
Up in here, it's burning hot
We on fire

- Chorus, On Fire by Lloyd Banks

More like...Carmelo Anthony is on fire!

Anthony made a great showing against the Utah Jazz, dropping 40 points on them. He just makes it look easy. It was shot after shot, dribble after dribble; no matter what happened, he was simply just unstoppable.

Last year, the Nuggets felt a little too much of underdogs, especially against the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.
This season of the playoffs, it's totally different. Carmelo will stop for nothing.

This season is for George Karl, who is battling throat cancer. This is for the Nuggets, who need a championship. This is for the whole city of Denver, to make their sports team feel like greatness, since the Broncos have done nothing lately and other sports teams.

This season is something else. Anthony will take more control. Melo still has most of the same crew from last postseason, but they are better and more experienced.

It seemed that Denver would fail again when they had late regular season struggles. Against this Utah team, Melo will not be intimidated. Not against anyone this year.

So what if they have Boozer? So what if they have Deron? So what if they have Okur? So what? As of now, the numbers show it: Melo is on fire, and the Nuggets lead the series 1-0.

The score brought a word to the Jazz: watch out.

They certainly should.

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