Monday, April 26, 2010

Quit Dreaming: D-Wade Ain't Leavin' the Miami Heat

Why do people keep thinking that Dwyane Wade will be leaving the Miami Heat? I mean, seriously, come on!

Wade has done so much for the Heat and won the Finals with them. He won't leave the Heat. He's been making the playoffs with this team recently and is building a new team here with new weapons.

First of all, there was only one bad season for this Miami team recently, which was just a few seasons ago where they only won like ten games. The Heat have been rollin' since then.

And Wade has been the leader of the attack. He just dropped 46 on the Celtics, including a monster jam on Kevin Garnett (no disrespect).

The 2010 NBA Free Agency is so close to coming. People see LeBron James leaving, but I don't think so. Chris Bosh, maybe. But Dwyane Wade? No way. I just laugh when I see that happen. Everybody always predicts a future of him in Chicago.

Wade announced so many times that he'd like to play in Chicago, but he wants to stay in Miami. I have heard that so many times. Wade to Chicago might even be a problem. Two superstars in Rose and Wade could create a problem.

Wade is just fine with Miami. He is so dominant at the shooting guard position, he makes you scared he like as if he is a big, strong power forward. The Heat look to give him a big contract this season as well.

Yes, they probably will have to cut some guys. Right off the bat, I heard Udonis Haslem's name as Michael Beasley and Jermaine O'Neal will be taking care of the PF/C spots.

Wade is the future of this squad. He's a premier All-Star and make things happen even by himself with Miami. He never gives up. Miami is his team. If Wade really wants to keep up what he's doing, literally putting up an MVP season every year, he needs to stay in Miami.

I can bet you all amounts of money that Wade would pick Miami over teams like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles (Clippers). He wants to stay with a team that has an absolute sure bet for the playoffs.

Miami is the choice.

So please, people, stop writing or commenting about things that Wade will be leaving Miami for a huge max $50M contract for a team with New York or Chicago, or even the Clippers.

It won't happen.

Miami is his home forever.