Saturday, April 17, 2010

NBA Playoffs Preview – First Round

The NBA playoffs have now finally started! Some teams fell short and some were just way off for contention that they are already looking forward to the upcoming season ahead. 16 teams made it, eight teams for each conference. Two teams play on the big show, who wins? This year’s playoffs looks exciting and I expect a fun one. Here’s a preview for the first round of the splendid NBA playoffs:


CHI-CLE – This looks to be interesting. Last year it was with the Celitcs-Bulls matchup. Good this be just as good. Probably not. That’s just my opinion, though. We heard the news. But, if you haven’t, here it is: LeBron James announced that the Bulls will be seeing a different monster than his average self during the regular season. And you know what the means?

Oh god, I can’t even imagine. I really don’t see this series lasting long at all. I see Cleveland winning 4-1, easily. James will slow everybody down and it’ll be tough for Derrick Rose to make something happen. Easily, Cleveland. Easily.

MIL-ATL - Now I really not might see this is a one-sided game. Okay, yeah, you’re right, I probably do. I mean seriously, Bogut is gone. Andrew Bogut is gone so how can Milwaukee succeed. Al Horford will dominate. Luc Mbah a Moute vs. Josh Smith would be the interesting matchup, though. Bibby vs. Jennings: interesting. But the Hawks win this, 4-2, I believe. Atlanta has this.

MIA-BOS – This could very well be another big playoff round for the Celtics. Heck, people thought the Celtics will dominate the Bulls last year. Well look what happened! It could very well might happen this year as well. But I don’t see it, honestly. Seriously. It’s the Heat. I just don’t see them passing the first round this year. They just can’t. And I think Boston will be a totally different team now in this playoffs time. They will dominate, trust me. Boston wins, 4-2.

CHA-ORL – Need I say more? Orlando is going to kill. Just dominate all aspects here. I just can’t talk now. I mean, it’s the Bobcats! I don’t see them making much noise against Orlando. Will hand them a win. But Dwight Howard is going tear it up here on the boards and the points. He is going to get real nasty coming playoff time now. Orlando, 4-1.


OKC-LAL – Now this is a matchup I don’t see very one-sided, really. Kevin Durant may do something here. He’ll be up against Artest. Could be a bloody matchup, especially since Durant is a great scorer and Artest defends well. But it’s the first time for Thunder history and it’s been a long time since this team has made the playoffs, even when they were the Sonics. LAL, 4-2. Kobe Bryant will call the shots and boss around Thebo Sefalosha. Gonna be a good one.

UTA-DEN - Now I had the Nuggets winning it all. Not anymore. I just don’t see it in them anymore. And the Jazz have been looking sharp for the past few games as I have observed and it seems Denver doesn’t have a chance. Utah looks to go hard with Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer. This is going to be a fantastic series for the Jazz. I see it. 4-2, UTAH!

SA-DAL - Now normally, I would say the Spurs would win in a playoffs matchup here. Not this time. The Mavericks are different team this year. Though they tend to choke in the playoffs, as we have seen in the years. May I remind the Finals where they were up 2-0 against the Heat, and choked, losing the series 4-2. Or the time they lost to the eighth seeded Warriors when they were at No. 1? Or those other times they pass the first round, but fail. I know, I know.

This is different. Spurs are old. Tim Duncan isn’t as good as I see it. But I do think he can do some stuff and make a difference. But still, I gotta go for Dallas. 4-3, though. Not a killer for Dallas, but they will come close within San Antonio.

POR-PHO - Portland made it even with Greg Oden and Joel Pryzbilla out. Good thing they had Camby and Brandon Roy. But can they face the test with that one-two punch of Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire? I think not. But I must say, Stoudemire and LaMarcus Aldridge are gonna go at it. You’ll see. Aldridge will be the difference but I still see Phoenix on top here in this one. They are more determined and desired for the Finals. Phoenix wins, 4-2. More playoff experience goes into the factor as well.

So these are my predictions for the playoffs, my friends. Comment below and share your thoughts. What are your predictions? The NBA playoffs looks to be a fun one this season, like I said earlier. Who will be the surprise for this year? The X-Factor? Who wins the Finals? I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out, won’t we?