Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Marcus Jordan Posts Controversial Tweet; Should Think About the Consequences Before Making Actions

“NO ONE…And I mean NO ONE should EVER compare Kobe Bryant to my dad and say that he is anywhere near close to my dad. He’s jagging his game.” This was what Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan, said on his Twitter account. This one of the tweets he said on his account that has caused much controversy.

But the big news came yesterday, when Jordan was caught partying under probe in Las Vegas, Neveda. Partying at the Strip nightclub, the 19-year-old was too young to be involved in such a thing, as you have to be at least 21 years of age. It was tweeted on August 20th that he spent $35,000 at a Casino.

“Last night was stupid… 35K at Haze,” the University of Central Florida sophomore guard said. “Totals 50K something the whole day.”

Since then, the tweet Marcus made has been removed from his account. Jordan told Fox Sports that he is totally aware with the situation and had a talk with his son along with his wife.

“I didn’t mean it the way it came across,” he said. “My family and friends know the type of person I am.”

Jordan was with his dad and his basketball camp and was seen hanging out with his brother who plays guard for Illinois, Jeffrey, and teammate A.J. Rompza. Jordan went as far to post a video of the three of them hanging out over there. UCF Knight’s basketball had no comment on the situation that happened.

In my opinion, this was a pretty inconsiderate and not a very well thought-out action Marcus Jordan did. He had no idea of what was to come and the consequences that should be to follow. It was not a good deal on his part. However, Jordan still hasn’t learned his lesson. Just tweeted today, Jordan wrote the following: “Im on my way! yeah Im on my way,I never give a fck about what any nga say, the bths all pretty, me Romp and Jeff about to do it for the city.”

Does Jordan need another talk with his parents or what? Does he want to get in trouble? Does he want to be viewed as a bad example? First came the underage gambling tweet, and now here is this: tweeting obscenities. Listen, if you want to share something like that, do it somewhere else. Keep it away from social networks where everybody can see it. Seriously, can it get more inconsiderate than this?

With the rising of the Internet and the decline of our old regular-day usage like newspapers, the new saying for “think before you speak,” has somewhat turned into “Google before you tweet.” Although it sounds humorous, it makes a point. Jordan obviously didn’t think of what he was doing when he was typing that tweet. Although he was most probably sending this message to his friends, obviously, it wasn’t the case as many viewed it.

I remember doing something similar. I posted a very bad song that literally just says obscenities at least once every two-to-five seconds. At the young age I am at, you don’t want that happening. As I posted this on my Facebook account, I really didn’t think about the consequences. And then I get busted as my family checked out the video. And boy you should have saw their shocking impression. However, my father had a talk with me and said the thing that should be reached out to Marcus Jordan: “Before you do something, think about the consequences. If you think something is wrong, don’t do it.”

Jordan really needs to know what he is saying out there to the world. With how famous he is right now and all of the hype that is following towards him, he doesn’t want stupid things happening like this that can damage his career. One way to be successful is obviously thinking before what you do. You want to be viewed as a good, civilized human-being in his society. And when you do things like these, it hurts your reputation and makes you look like a thug.

Obviously, Jordan isn’t a thug. But saying obscenities like he wrote today; well, it just isn’t necessary. Along with that, ripping on Kobe Bryant is just totally wrong. Keep that opinion to yourself. Although I agree, you just shouldn’t be saying that. First of all, Kobe isn’t nowhere near Jordan but it also means you (Marcus) are nowhere near Kobe. It’s true. That’s the fact.

All I am trying to say is think about the consequences. Marcus Jordan is a good guy, like he quoted to the Associated Press. But he seriously needs to stop with what he is doing. He hasn’t learned from his lesson yet, and it is clear when you look at his Twitter account. Obviously, people are going to see that too and be like, “Man, he still hasn’t learned a single thing yet, hasn’t he?”

With over 8,000 followers, Jordan should know what’s to come now.