Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tiger Woods on US Ryder Cup Team: Did Corey Pavin Make Right Choice?

As anticipated, Tiger Woods was selected to participate in the Ryder Cup. But I am curious to know if this was the right decision made by Corey Pavin. It was almost impossible to leave Tiger behind, abandoning the world’s greatest golfer, even if his wonderful career is tarnished.

Pavin had to include Woods, and ignore the scandal of his extramarital affairs that shocked the entire world.

Wash away the horrid lapses. Wash away the many mistresses. Wash away slamming his Escalade into a fire hydrant and a neighbor’s tree. Wash away being issued a citation by the Florida Highway Patrol though reports said that the accident wasn’t alcohol-related.

Instead of returning to normalcy on the golf course, he returned as a laughingstock, and dented a miraculous legacy.

I’d like to know where Tiger’s mind has been since the divorce between he and his ex-wife was finalized last week?

Does he have the state of mind to represent the nation in the aftermath of the scandal and finishing a full season without a major title?

Pavin is giving Tiger the benefit of the doubt. And so will we.

For all the controversy, Tiger is still indeed one of four best Americans. And his presence will increase television ratings, turning an uneventful sport into a popular one and maybe even an outrageous soap opera.

If you read Golf World, you will grasp a sense of what the hell I am talking about.

And I have to say: He never cheated on you, so you shouldn’t care less about his egregious affairs. He never affected you in a relationship.

And all this time, you were curious, just as I am curious to know how he’ll recover and escape the hoopla of five hellish months.

This is a huge boon for golf no matter if he’s a worthless S.O.B.. We are welcoming in an embattled athlete, forgetting about his horrendous past. As much as we loathe his contemptible double-life, we admire his skills.

It’s a redemptive story that speaks for itself.

What if Tiger humiliates this country by underperforming? Tiger’s game might be on the decline. But so what?

He is still the world’s greatest golfer. Some counter that he is the world’s greatest disgrace. But most of that is his personal life, not his golf career.

It was the worst scandal in sports, but Tiger can still play, and helps the sport by enlarging its revenue and ratings. That’s another reason Pavin selected Tiger, right?

So can Tiger break out of his slump with the world watching?

Just refer to me as Mr. Curious or Curious George. Just refer to Tiger as a mystery tale.