Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boise State Broncos Are Sublime, but Still Doomed of BCS Dismay

Its unfortunate college football relies on a fraudulent BCS system to dictate which teams are worthy of playing for the national title. If there weren’t any corrupt computer systems in existence that literally cripple the rectitude of collegiate sports and ruin it for a plethora of major universities, Boise State likely would have been in the national title game last season.

Much buzz is heard on a small campus in a tiny community that represents the state of Idaho. It's a region that has no professional sports, but has much to embrace this season, at least from the football standpoint. In this age, Boise State’s unbeaten seasons and ideal bids to major bowl games aren’t a mirage when the program is powerful, hungry, and en route to mastering glory on the national stage.

As the underdogs of college football, in a town that prides itself on football, the third-ranked Broncos are capable of dominating. Many of its supporters are optimistic and curious to observe whether or not the largest university in Idaho can assemble another undefeated season and bid for the national title game.

However, here in America, we hate to anoint the unpopular and smaller universities.

But in this situation, we must realize that the Broncos are ferocious, even if the school seems a bit unworthy of contending for a national title invitation. It's a date many wouldn’t permit since Boise State has a favorable schedule in the WAC Conference, a conference which receives no love.

It would explain why Kellen Moore is ultimately ignored and underestimated by the folks running a treacherous formula to create hysteria. The game is loathed for the way it awards the legitimate winner.

If there is a bigger tease in sports or the most popular sport in the country, it's because of the negligence that the nation offers to the Broncos. The nation discounts an elite school that is, by far, the most captivating team in the country.

A few years ago, amid an awe-inspiring upstart, the Broncos employed the trickery and capped a breathtaking win in the Fiesta Bowl upset over Oklahoma on a Statue of Liberty two-point conversion.

Remember that?

The truth is, of course, that Boise State is a football-caliber team, the dark horse of college football.

Or is the university really a legitimate threat and belong on the national scene? I’ll be generous and kindhearted in admitting that Boise State has to legitimize themselves, before possibly being crowned the national champs at the end of an unpredictable season.

This perplexingly leaves us caught in a riddle as we restlessly wonder how it all might unfold.

And essentially, the odds are immense. Fans are looking at the glamorous dream that they might end up in a position where they can merit national prominence and represent an insignificant conference that never earns enough splendors.

From an assessable viewpoint, the Broncos are convenient for penciling in and predicting to win the conference. As advertised, it’s a well balanced team that could stun a dubious nation and possess the hardware.

Because it seems logical to believe in a sublime school with heavy expectations, the Broncos are obligated to silence critics for their athleticism, size, and depth that no one evaluates.

But as long as there is a flawed method that determines a team’s fate and doesn’t implement an eight-team playoff system, Boise State will unfortunately be doomed to never appear in a title game. Considered as the third best team in the nation, Boise State is still regarded as a minority, a pariah in the game. In three consecutive seasons, the Broncos have consummated perfection by finishing 12-0 in the regular season, good enough to qualify for a national title. But that isn’t the way an asymmetric theory views it. Boise State has appealed aggressively to diverge the format to an unbiased formula and cease any nepotism.

The BCS mathematically dismisses a program in spite of the prejudiced disposition and deranged computer systems that are very confounding and inaccurate and is referred as the Bowl Chaotic System.

Apart from the insanity in an erratic industry, the Broncos have a remarkable track record. They have won 64 of its last 66 games in the Western Athletic Conference. The season-opener is looming quickly, with 21 of 22 starters returning from a 13-0 team that has a light schedule.

It’s a boon whenever a team is fortunate enough to entertain an unchallenging schedule with an undefeated season on their minds. Still, it's a scenario that hasn’t served the Broncos well in prior seasons.

The real test comes in a Labor Day showdown against 10th-ranked Virginia Tech in a neutral site. It's a substantial meeting that could break or make the Broncos. For the time being, the Hokies are probably the team on the schedule equipped to knock off Boise State. Then, we’ll really see how dominant the Wild Horses are.

The other decisive date is Sept. 25 at home against No. 24 Oregon State, a contest Boise State is favored to run away with in a cupcake win. That brings us to a part of the schedule that isn’t nearly as competitive or excruciating. It's still up in the air whether Boise State's complete dominance is enough supremacy to bypass mortals of a conference like the Big Ten, Big 12, or Pac-10 where there is massive depth and competitiveness.

The irony here is critics, skeptics, and even people who aren’t football knowledgeable clearly know that Boise State is sitting in a position of uncertainty, despite their ability and talent, which is enough to win every game without putting up a fight.

There’s no doubt it’s a sublime football program.

Besides, the Broncos have a prolific star anchoring the program to perfection. He is a famous star on the campus of Boise State, without any question, and he is the leader of a team seeking a respective bid to the national stage.

Moore is the most endearing quarterback in the state, if not in the conference, and could be a Heisman candidate this season. In fact, this year, Heisman hype is surrounding the left-handed passer.

As a starter, he is a mere 27-1, and suffered the lone loss in a heartbreaking defeat to TCU. But most importantly, he’s very accurate and efficient. As a true freshman, he set an NCAA record and completed 69.4 percent of his passes. Last season alone, he had the best touchdown ratio in the nation and pass attempts.

With all of this, he was sacked just five times. If this is the case, why wasn’t he voted in as a Heisman candidate? Like before, the Broncos are BCS-busters and lethal. They are groomed by coach Chris Petersen, who has installed a credible program and has recruited cleverly in his tenure to bring in some of the top prospects in the country. So, is this the year Boise State finally avoid the torture of BCS dysfunction? Is this the year Boise State isn’t victimized of BCS unfairness?

That’s a good question.

If the Broncos gallop and finish the season unbeaten, it would be fair for them to be in the national championship game.