Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hoosiers' Football Plans To Prove Naysayers Wrong
It has always been known that the Indiana Hoosiers sports programs are mostly known for their high-class basketball team. They have had a rich history with them, winning multiple NCCA championship titles and with the likes of Bobby Knight and such. But the school's football program has been known for very little.

IU has had their moments in football, most recently going to the Insight Bowl back in the 2007-08 season, led by Kellen Lewis and James Hardy. But since then, Indiana has played some pretty mediocre football. Many stars have gone on defense, like Greg Middleton, Jammie Kirlew, and Ray Fisher.

However, the offense is stacked. The offense will be the big reason of why the Hoosiers can have success this year. Many of the naysayers think IU will finish somewhat of the same season they had in the last two previous ones. I for one am not going with the crowd. I am not a follower, and neither are the Hoosiers. With a commitment to excellence, Indiana can succeed and reach to a bowl game. Bowl games can accept teams as low as a 6-6 record, and that is all IU needs. But they can win much more than that, easily.

First of all, Indiana is led by Ben Chappell. Chappell showed that he is capable of starting and being a productive Big Ten quarterback last year, completing over 62-percent of his passes, throwing for 2,941 yards along with 17 touchdowns and only 15 interceptions. This went for a 126.43 rating, which would equal a 81.5 rating in the National Football League. Looking for a bigger year and trying to be one of the Top Five quarterbacks in the Big Ten (up there with Terrelle Pryor and such), Chappell will have to go all-out in the Hoosiers' hopeful passing attack. Chappell was also selected as one of the possible nominees for this year's Johnny Unitas award.

Chappell is going to have a lot of help, with a rushing attack led by Bryan Payton and having two awesome receivers in Tandon Doss and DaMarlo Belcher. Both are well over 6'3" tall, and can really be trouble for defenses and those small cornerbacks. Both had pretty decent seasons last year, and are in for some solid ones and hopeful breakout ones this year. Everything seems in place for the Hoosiers.

Indiana can reach a solid record. They open up easy against Towson, and then head on over to face Western Kentucky. Both are relatively easy wins right off the bat. Akron may be a tough one, but I see Indy getting out of there. The big test will be against Michigan in Week Four. I will take a leap, as IU prevails. They came close last year, but there was a call that called a lot of controversy. I think IU will bring revenge there.

So that is 4-0 right there. Surprising to some, but next week I see the Hoosiers getting steamrolled by Terrelle Pryor and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Then they face Arkansas State with a win, followed by two close wins to Illinois and Northwestern. At 7-1, IU will go on a losing-streak however, with losses to Iowa, Wisconsin, and Penn State. It won't matter what they do against Purdue in the last week as they are 7-4. But I see the Hoosiers winning the Battle of the Old Oaken Bucket. In my prediction, Indiana ends with a 8-4 record.

Many of you readers could say I am far-fetched, but I am not. This is the year where the Hoosiers will be known for both sports: football and basketball. It's time to realize that Hoosiers' football is back again and ready to roll like a few years ago.

Watch out naysayers.

It's time that you are proven wrong.