Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's About Greed and Ego: Snyder Is an Egotistic Idiot, Worst Owner Ever

In the richest sports league, an egotistic owner by the name of Dan Snyder purchased a franchise an NFL franchise. I tipped my hat off to him, having the proper necessities to own a franchise, since purchasing the Washington Redskins 10 years ago.

But recently, I have put my thumbs down and quickly watched the richest franchise in the league deteriorate.

Like most people, grasping an understanding that Snyder is heedless about winning and operates his chaotic business strictly for profit, I describe him as an egotistical and greedy buffoon who doesn’t have the audacity to bypass disgrace and mortification.

At the largest stadium in the league, where Redskins' faithful appear on Sunday afternoons wearing pig noses to show fan appreciation as if they are goofy like Snyder, who celebrates on the sideline with a victory, the average Redskins’ loyalists are worn down by all the misery that has toppled unprecedented talent.

Flamboyant spending doesn’t ensure championships, but operating a workable business ensures prosperity. Snyder hasn’t learned he’s not getting anything by flashing his bucks -- but of course -- squandering huge dollars hasn’t gotten the franchise anywhere.

Instead, in recent years, the Redskins have experienced early playoff exits or either missed the postseason. So, I guess we can dismiss the fact that a troubled Washington team won't make the postseason. It’s an embattled team in disarray as Snyder's credibility is persistently shrinking, while drawing more media attention. These days, the local media ridicules, makes sarcastic remarks and gives Snyder advice on brilliant ways to run his franchise.

In the last three seasons, the Redskins have ridiculously wasted more than $100 million in players and salaries. That’s very staggering and idiotic, when Snyder has nothing to show for it. In the midst of an apocalypse, he should be classified as the biggest idiot and the worst owner in sports, clearly letting down his entire coaching staff and roster.

Most of the players remain furious about a dysfunctional season, for which some called out Snyder and expressed their point of views, having every right to state their views. His horrendous track record speaks for itself, owning a 2-3 playoff record and hiring five coaches in the last five seasons.

Some hold coach Jim Zorn liable for the Redskins' failures, but a desperate Snyder was confident he could be a remedy for all of this mediocrity. As Joe Gibbs' successor, Zorn was promoted from offensive coordinator to head coach.

Maybe he was hired for his ingenious West Coast offensive schemes, which was originally effective for Jason Campbell, a struggling quarterback who was yanked in the Kansas City game and replaced by 37-year-old Todd Collins.

But it was a mistake to turn Zorn into a full-time head coach.

Snyder had numerous opportunities to bring in former guru Jim Fassel, who Redskins' fans were greatly imploring to fill the coaching vacancy. Worst, Zorn was stripped of his specialty in calling offensive plays and had been replaced by the 67-year-old Sherm Lewis, who before was contacted by the Redskins, called bingo games at a senior citizen center in Michigan.

That could be the reason Steve Spagnuolo rebuffed interest, when Snyder offered the coaching job immediately following the Giants incredible Super Bowl victory. According to the Redskins’ Vinny Cerrato, the vice president of football operations, addressed the issue on ESPN 980 in Washington and said Zorn will not be fired during the season.

“Jim Zorn is the head coach of the Washington Redskins and will be for the rest of this season, and hopefully into the future", said Cerrato.

See, Cerrato is fearful of his job security -- knowing if Zorn gets fired, then he’s likely out the door as well. It will be very interesting to see if Snyder does actually retain Zorn at the end of the season. Perhaps, moving on to the next head coach is a satisfying idea.

After this season, a number of coaches are worth targeting in the midst of their exploration for the next coach to clean up the turbulence before issues become worse. Jon Gruden is an excellent candidate who now sits in the press box calling Monday Night Football. His defensive philosophy will be a nice addition and will influence toughness.

Sitting on his couch and enjoying intermission, until he receives a phone call, is Mike Shanahan, who is probably a favorable target and would be willing to take on the challenge. There is also Mike Holmgren, who many are familiar with as far as his coaching principles, and might be the right coach for refurbishing an insubstantial organization.

However, it would still be difficult with a stubborn-minded owner who is an absolute joke. In sports Snyder is the most polarizing owner, turning the Redskins into an annoying soap opera, which is now the worst-operated franchise ever. Pathetically, we are burnt out from the negativity, and should come to the conclusion that Snyder is strictly in the business because of greed and ego.

Point is, the greedy and so-called businessman couldn’t care less about winning a title, but cares only about inheriting billions. Truth is, money is the root of all evil, which has led to other disturbing issues and divided a team.

Prolific running back Clinton Portis and Mike Sellers both had to be separated in the locker room for a verbal altercation. Instead of focusing on money, I think it’s time Snyder gets a grip on his franchise, and bring in a fitting coaching staff and proper players to make a run at the Super Bowl.

Until then, the Redskins are the biggest joke in football, and are committed to failure. If they expect to win ever again, Snyder will have to start putting aside greed and ego.

Folks near the nation’s capital, it’s just that simple.