Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For LeBron, Flight No. 23 Next Destination Is New York

Considering the NBA has turned into an entertaining site, rather than an average basketball contest, LeBron James is globally admired across the world and emerged into the worldwide leader in basketball. If he migrated to Europe, the Euroleague would grasp our attention and routinely become an organic site for entertainment I suspect.

The entertainment capital of the world doesn’t reside in Los Angeles, Chicago, or even Cleveland; the town where amusement precisely rocks. The famous rock band, the Beatles, might have rocked the town of Cleveland, aggrandizing the music industry of course.

But not since 1969 has sporting supremacy rocked staining a starved sports town, cursed with sporting indignities. The Shot, The Fumble, The Drive and The Choke are features of the hapless town’s debacles, which held an entire community under affliction until James engendered and rejuvenated greatness in Cleveland

Calmly, a flustered fan base waited and welcomed in the arrival of a newborn superstar, James, to overhaul a renaissance era. Greeted with open arms, James emerged into a global superstar and franchise icon, showcasing high-flying dunks and unprecedented up-tempo style, which no other athlete could imitate.

Lately, observers are curious and speculating on LeBron’s next destination. A departure from Ohio to a new state is crestfallen for average Ohio natives, but the Ohio native himself, cannot appear anywhere without been pestered with endless questioning, regarding his next home when he’ll become a free agent in 2010.

Guessing with all the idolatry and praise he offers to the Big Apple, it delivers unanimous vibes to overjoyed Knicks fans that King James’ next flight is a one-way ticket to New York. In addition, James is a popular superstar and suitable for playing in publicized state.

He fits in well, given the enthusiastic reception shown proudly to the New York Yankees in recent memory. Remember, James made his presents at the American League playoff game in Cleveland a few years ago, and elicited controversy for wearing a Yankees’ cap when the Indians hosted New York.

That’s not all.

He co-hosted the NBA All-Star Weekend party last February with good friend and Nets co-owner Jay-Z. But what bothered Cleveland fans the most, was the promotion of his shoe when Nike announced the introduction of a new shoe endorsed by LeBron containing pinstripes and Yankees' colors, specifically created to produce revenue in New York. From all the chronicles, it is logical to forecast where Flight No.23 will wind up come next summer.

LeBron’s lifestyle will drastically relocate from the rock and roll site to the biggest stage on America at Madison Avenue. A Night on Broadway will transform into A Night on LeBron’s Stage, and longing fans will suddenly get their wishes. At the world’s most famous arena, each time the King enters the building, an energetic crowd goes nuts.

In a celeb atmosphere, fans share their appreciation for LeBron in an entertaining contest where all eyes anxiously stare at the league’s most entertaining guard, waiting for the next breathtaking moment to turn it into a Kodak moment. On Seventh Avenue, the communities' love for LeBron is obvious with the advertisement of a 10-story billboard, attempting everything to persuade the league’s most admired star.

If so, they’ll become the next witnesses of the high-flying, action-packed intensity. Whenever LeBron showcase an epic masterpiece at the Madison Square Garden, fans lobbies for his assistance in the 2010 season. Turns out, fans are thrilled watching and worshiping James more than the Knicks as a team. The sporting scene alters an entertaining and intense show, erupting a screaming party among celebs and non-celebs.

In the course of a century, players have elevated to an apex, posting high-scoring stats, dazzling observers who stares onto the hardwood from inside the world’s most notable arena. Before LeBron even came along, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan dazzled and finished nights off in an epic theater. A year from now, LeBron’s legacy might live on at New York, where he can rejuvenate a downcast town and uplift the Knicks as he has done for the Cavs for the entire decade.

Immediately, his presence will produce ticket sales, television ratings and apparel as LeBron gradually emerges into a role model and celeb. The Knicks are willing to pay a stud as dominant and famous as the King, which explains their reason for clearing salary space. President of basketball operations, Donnie Walsh, clearly knows what type of superstar fans is pleading for in renewing aspiration.

And the Knicks as an organization knows a superstar is important if seeking to regain spotlight and return to championship favorites. Fittingly, LeBron is coach Mike D’Antoni’s guy mainly for the up-tempo offensive system he’s committed to running, and with LeBron’s sterling playmaking it can bring memories back to MSG. His ability to drive in traffic and find open shooters is helpful to an undefined team.

In Cleveland, LeBron is fantastic at expanding the floor and racing up and down the court to create peerless plays. Being an unselfish superstar who believes in passing the ball first and getting teammates involved reminds us he’s the reigning NBA’s Most Valuable Player, after stockpiling the most votes last season. He’s also one of the richest athletes in salary and endorsements, and an idol for children globally at the age of 24, which are admirable honors.

It remains uncertain if LeBron will actually take his next flight to New York, though I personally believe all the speculations and predictions on that his next flight is to the Big Apple. On July 1, the entire world is going to be on LeBron Watch, trying to figure out his next destination.

As of now, we are curious to see where he lands, counting down each day and wondering if he’ll abandon his native town. One thing left on his agenda is winning his first championship, following multiple titles elsewhere if he decides to migrate elsewhere. Amid the season, LeBron is focus on winning a title with Cleveland and ignores everlasting speculations, pondering every NBA free agent rumor.

He’ll, indeed, be free to move across country next summer. If he leaves, it probably will be for NY.