Saturday, June 12, 2010

Conference Realignments Persist In Chaos, Absurdity In Football

The misshapen tumult is upon the BCS and college football, the one sport experiencing hypocrisy for all the craziness in college sports, yet to constitute a legitimate eight-team postseason system. It’s only a matter of time before the Bowl Chaotic System raises more hysteria and drama within an unbalanced format.

Of course, more disgruntled fans are bickering about the sudden realignment happening when the majorities are petulantly begging for a playoff system. It’s often that you hear about universities getting snubbed or disregarded by a treacherous system and suddenly are victimized of BCS fraud and eliminated from bowl contention. Lately, the transitions are stealing from page headlines, extending a notorious holocaust that crippled the perception and sabotaged loyalty for ignoring the brilliancy and magnitude of non-prominent programs.

All of this means the game isn’t fitted to pacify the average devotee, still willing to cope with the farce that destroys all credibility unless the committee unanimously approves an accommodating formula and eradicate a discontent brand of fraudulent computer systems. By now, it’s not difficult to fathom that the overuse of technology manipulates the rankings and essence of a program’s status, forcing each university to excel and rise above stiff ramifications.

By the end of the season, someone’s heart is broken as a school from a legitimate conference is screwed. For years, conference teams within every region were insulted of the foolish propaganda that besieged a myriad of athletic directors and school presidents, believing the program were balanced and worthy of contending for a national championship. This situation can only get uglier in an unfair society for which nothing seems fair or delightful in pleasing one’s need.

There are certainly no honest advantages in college sports, which are surprising with universities typically emphasizing the tenor of higher education and values of academia, rather than stabilizing revenue in an underachieving athletic department. You are aware of the storyline buzzing loudly in college athletics anonymity peeving our consciousness, while the agitating realignments and conference transitions causes a travesty.

Unlike ever before, it’s a deranged game with perplexing mind games for making one of the worst adoptions in NCAA history mocked for adding and authorizing further absurdity and madness in upcoming seasons. A very ugly and dire situation became uglier and emphatically imperfect once an announcement was confirmed that Nebraska is leaving the Big 12 Conference to join the Big Ten, a famous conference known for its own television network and lousy football programs.

This is what happens in college sports suddenly teams switch conferences. While none of this comes as a surprise to Nebraska’s athletic director Mike Greenfield, who spent the last eight seasons as a member of the wrestling program for the Cornhuskers, it’s certainly a stunner to all people and seems foolish. Football is now a joke, apparently.

“Yeah, we kind of expected it. It has been talked about earlier in the spring. There were rumors floating around and there had been a few staff meetings where things were said that kind of led us to believe that it might happen. But nothing was said formally. I think it finally got to a head last week at the Big 12 meetings in Dallas.”

Which means the Huskers will now meet the conservative Ohio State or Rich Rods Michigan, two Big Ten schools viewed as powerhouses, but are average when facing other conferences. In other words, the conference is an undermined one, meaning the Huskers will have a legitimate chance at winning the conference title, right?

You never know in an elusive Big Ten Conference. Then, with a unanimous vote by the University of Colorado administration and directors, the Buffaloes are leaving the Big 12, now traveling to the West Coast. Only in college football someone would see something this bizarre. No later than Tuesday, Texas regents are expected to approve the Pac-10 move. And this weekend Pacific 10 commissioner Larry Scott is traveling to the south to personally offer invitations to Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State, according to sources.

In the meantime, it’s utterly ridiculous that the SEC could expand the conference and the Pac-10 could rename itself the Pac-16. Any notion that the transformations are for reducing an injustice and unequal crisis, ignoring numerous programs because of its existence in a non-superconference or a smaller school in a smaller town no one has ever heard of, you’re wrong.

It’s strictly a game of finances and richest, a game of politics, more than a game for building stronger character or even towards a better tomorrow. Because there are lopsided conferences such as the Pac-10, it will cause more bickering and raise hell, particularly if the powerful Longhorns steamrolls an inferior Oregon State or UCLA.

It’s also easy to imagine Kansas possibly relocating to the Mountain West and slaughter a below average TCU, who dominated a weak conference a year ago. And it will be amazing to witness if Boise State was an illusion or a forceful program within an attenuated WAC Conference.

For the first time in college sports, a massive realignment could thwart unbalanced schools, cripple traditional schools, ravage well-known schools, and most of all smear possibly substandard schools of reaching the national title stage and hoisting a crystal ball as rectitude no longer exist. Today, it’s all about richest and fame. Today, it’s about chaos and absurdity. Today, the game of football is a joke.

Let’s all make a laugh out of the funniest drama in sports ever.