Saturday, February 27, 2010

Team USA Has a Slight Edge: Ryan Miller's Heroics are Inexplicable

What we are witnessing is the most renaissance hockey team in U.S. history. The unforeseen heroics and vibrant star power of Team USA continues to engrave a lifetime miracle, greater than a Miracle on Ice. It was 30 years ago, when the U.S. had a talented and artistic core enduring the competitiveness.

All of the sudden the attention and spotlight shines on the Americans, after advancing to the gold-medal game with a 6-1 rout over Finland. Suddenly, the finest win drags our nation into turning its full attention on the Americans amid a quest for gold.

It’s a scene no one imagined, until the U.S. excelled all temptations and accepted the coolest and wildest acknowledgment with a shot of reaching a climax as well as marking a historical trademark in the U.S. Winter Games.

Quite fittingly, none of the wonderful highlights are possible without an inspirational voice or a firm goalie, a profound source that has elevated a sense of pride and faith. Hardly have we given enough praise to Ryan Miller, the critical piece in what forever could go down as the rebirth of America’s generation in a sport American athletes have pursued in when the game became popularized on our soil.

He’s admired dearly in Buffalo where he’s verified as an inspirational superstar, strengthening an unpopular sport here in the States.

It’s fortune, ultimately, to consist of one of the best goalies in the game, within a sporting bout that needs much adrenaline, physicality and aplomb. Over the highly-favored rivals, he has succeeded a flattering agenda by poise and consistency.

If he had a journal and wrote daily on a successive journey in Vancouver, he’d have a massive summary summing up a phenomenal saves total. He has salvaged 103 of 108 shots, crisped to reach another 25 at least. It appears no signs of exhaustion slow down the effortless performance at the net, a position he protects so well making it difficult to score.

The heroics and presence of Miller inspires more than a miracle, but reinforces superb hockey in a nation the athletes dismantled the popularity of a sport originated in Canada. But as it appears, futility is long gone and has uplifted a sense of humanity, rather than pestering thoughts of stigma.

Instead of witnessing a premature ouster, we as American citizens are glancing at the unimaginable and miraculous play of Team USA. As it seems, Miller continues to be the most adorable and outstanding goaltender, a large part to what has resonated in the most emotional and gratifying Winter Games.

He hasn’t underachieved, but dominated at a high on Canadian soil, proving to the world he’s a defensive star, not only in the Winter Games, but also the NHL. He deserves credit for rising into a big-name star with the Buffalo Sabres, and getting the nod to represent his country has the No. 1 goaltender for the United States.

His natural talent has engineered and provided sheer inspiration to teammates, including the doubters still counting out Team USA. He’s the best goalie our country has seen in quite some time, confirming the truth during the NHL 2005-06 season.

It all started with extra hours in the training room, taken on a rigid task by committing to endless preparation upgrading his stamina and flexibility accepting an honorable invite to Vancouver to compete in the world-class games. As the team has depth and balance, having an inexplicable goalie reduces the chances of suffering woes and enhances happiness in all likelihood.

What makes the U.S. relentless threatens all opponents, to whereas he’s prone in shutting out teams with his mastery at defending the nets. Make no mistake he’s the prototype of a passionate athlete willing to accept a steep challenge.

Indeed, he committed and took on a challenging role. There were heavy burdens on his shoulders, but none of it seemed to bother Miller. If there’s a notion that he has been awaiting a cheerful moment, it wasn’t noticed until he excelled greater than any other goaltender, stealing all the spotlight in Canada.

This is about a man in which much is anticipated, despite being less muscular than most goalies. This is about an inspirational maestro, knowing what is at stake and willing to ignite our entire nation. This is about a captain ranking among the top in shutouts, goal-against average and save percentage.

At 29, he could win a gold medal with a win against the Canadians in the gold-medal game Sunday afternoon. Not only is it an advantage for answering to a grueling NHL season, but to advise the league he’s not a fluke and an elite goaltender.

Meanwhile, he had sought this moment, and relishes a golden opportunity in which he may earn golden memorabilia.

He wants to leave Vancouver with Olympic gold. As long as he’s the starting goalie, anything is possible.

So apparently, it’s Miller Time.