Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nice Moves Bruh: Billy White Shoes Johnson & The Art of Touchdown Dances

"And Billy Johnson goes all the way for a touchdown! And there he goes again, putting on those moves. He always does that when he scores. Putting on those moves. It's really fascinating to see! These probably feature more on his highlights than the touchdowns alone!"


Player gets a ball. He runs all the way for a touchdown! And there he goes dancing away! ("Cel-a-brate good times, come on!) Gotta love those touchdown celebrations!


It all started in 1965. His name was Homer. No folks, it's not the time to make fun of a fat, bald guy who says d'oh. But he is crazy and weird like the cartoon dad. Homer Jones started the touchdown celebrations after he scored with his little spikes to the ground. People were like, "HUH?!"

Most probably, yeah. But ever since that New York Giant did that, he pretty much changed NFL history. He gave the fans more love for the game after a touchdown was scored. It was a show for some people. It made them laugh, or at least get a good chuckle out of it. If not, come on, crack a smile, would ya?

Now do you ever see a player do those spikes? Not anymore really because of the rules, but we all remember seeing it all the time! It even happened if they didn't even score! It was just that good.

1980 then came with the Washington Redskins doing their little "High-Five bunch." After a touchdown is scored, all the guys huddle up together, jump in the air and slap each other a couple of fives.

And then came my favorite. This really brought the movement of the touchdown celebrations. Billy "White Shoes" Johnson. This guy really showed how to get it done. Yes yes, I know, just one move, but still. He just did this little jiggle-wiggle move with his legs.

Check it out:

Nice, right? Am I right? Johnson ended his career nicely, too, with 337 catches for over 3,000 yards and 25 touchdowns. He also had a combined number of about 6,000 return yards. The touchdown dances after all those scores made it seem so better. All 33 of them (yeah, he had eight returns for TD's).

White Shoes Johnson had it all. The talent, the speed, the hands, and the moves. Nice bros, my brother. My bruh.

And then came one of the other fan favorites: The Ickey Shuffle. It was so bad that it was good, like an analyst for NFL Network once said. Bengals running backs Ickey Woods did a little move to the right, a little to the left. His 18 touchdowns in his rookie year (including playoffs) made him have a lot of time to do this and he was excellent. Yet, another guy who you'd rather watch his celebrations than the touchdown alone.

Some touchdown celebrations, like you just read, were just funny, fun, or just for no good reason. Some guys did it for a reason. Like Ravens kick/punt returner Jermaine Lewis who made a return for a touchdown in the 41-7 Super Bowl win over the New York Giants. He put his hands in the air in the honor of his son who died.

Then there is Ken Norton, who did a combination of punches on the pad on the goalpost for his father and his boxing career. Or a bunch of other NFL players honor people whenever they score. That finger in the air. It showed respect, and love. Love for the game, love for the person.

And we all know this Packers fans: The Lambeau Leap! Thanks to LeRoy Butler for starting this. Now every Packers player does it. And speaking of the Packers, how about Desmond Howard? In college, after returning a kickoff for a touchdown, Howard made the pose of Heisman Trophy. And that's funny, because he later won it.

And who can't forget The Dirty Bird dance? A lot of people say Jamaal Anderson started it. You are wrong. It's tight end O.J. Santiago who started it. I swear, when he did that, he got the moves. He had the moves. Nice move, bruh.

And sometimes, touchdown celebrations are downright crazy and stupid. Like Randy Moss on the Vikings. He made a touchdown and then pretended to take of his pants and shake his bare butt at the fans. Mooning. He was later fined $10K. Not so nice, bruh.

One of my other favorites is Joe Horn's touchdown. A future Hall-of-Famer and along with that, a Hall-of-Fame touchdown celebration. He knew he was going to score in that game. When he scored, he took out a cellphone from the padding and pretended to call his children. It was classic. The best, bruh! He was later fined $30K. Not cool, NFL.

And there is Terrell Owens, with his memorable touchdown celebrations. A few was when he took a Sharpie under his shoe and he signed a football after a touchdown. He also played with pom-poms. Along with that, when he was on the Niners, he scored and did his pose on the Star. He also did it a second time, being knocked out by a Cowboys' safety.

Sometimes there is mocking on touchdowns. Like take a look at Joey Galloway. Showing off his big ol' guns there on his arms. Nice biceps! And then here is the best touchdown celebrator: Chad Ochocinco. Known for many.

Sometimes it comes to playing golf with the pylon, or wearing the Hall-of-Fame jacket on. My favorite has got to be the Riverdance. Nobody will forget that. That's the best. And then there is Ochocinco jumping into the Dawg Pound, getting beer thrown on him along with a guy putting up the finger at him. Not a nice gesture, bruh. And then, against the Colts, he faked a propose to a cheerleader, who went along with No. 85. And then there is another one where Ochocinco takes out a sign and it says "Please NFL, don't fine me again!" He was later fined.

Then there is Reggie Bush in the NFC Championship against the Bears a few years ago after an 85-yard-touchdown. He did a large flip along with The Roosevelt. Nice. And there is Brandon Jacobs, who's wife got pregnant. To give out the news, he scored a touchdown and put the ball under his jersey, pretending he was pregnant. Good deed, bruh.

Touchdown celebrations are fun to use. Just have to love it. Deion Sanders does some moves, too. He loves it! The touchdown dance has been used in so many ways. It's used everywhere when it comes to the NFL, CFL, Arena, College, High School, or hell, even PeeWee. You don't think they do it? They do!

Touchdown celebrations just made everything better and makes you feel better about a touchdown. So people, don't get made sometimes on the touchdown celebrations. You too, NFL executives who fine people for them. Lay out. Relax. There are fun. They show the moves.

When it goes from touchdown spiking to the jiggle-wiggle. Or to cellphones or Sharpies. Or to pregnancy and deaths. It'll always be special, unless if it's the Randy Moss case. But whenever they do it....

They got some nice moves, bruh.