Monday, January 18, 2010

Zero Love

As horrible as it is, the NBA's most beloved player who always has a elephantine grin on his face, like a chessy cat would obtain, now has plummeted. Gilbert Arenas, or appreciated as "Agent Zero," did one of the most half-witted things to be versed towards mankind. I strongly disagree of Arenas' choice.

Those of you who have not been examining the news lately, it seems that Gilbert Arenas was in a so-called "altercation" with teammate Javaris Crittenton. It seems they were somewhat in the likes of gambling and Crittenton yearned for money from Gil.And then Crittenton said he was going to shoot him. Arenas then packed three guns in his bags and told Javaris to "pick one." And now, Arenas was in court lately and is expected to be in court again in March.

He may be expected to head to jail. Arenas is charged with a felony of possessing a gun without a license. It was not an intelligent move. But if he does go to jail, or not, he is getting some interest from a few teams around the league. One that pops to our mind are the Orlando Magic. Orlando might trade a player like Jameer Nelson or so for Agent Zero. But because of what he has done, he may be a bargain.

Arenas has not had an All-Star like season since the 2006-07 season where notched over two-thousand points. He is only about 200 points away from hitting the 1,000-point mark for this season. But there may be a chance he might not reach that feat, maybe not for the rest of his career.

As one of the most admired players in the game, always having that pleased expression on his face, Agent Zero has fallen. He's not Agent Zero anymore because of his number now. He has zero love, zero effective, and zero supporters.

It's all zero in the negative way. The way nobody expected Gilbert Arenas would land at.