Thursday, January 21, 2010

NBA Cares

It's been a week since one of the most catastrophic disasters had happened to our world. We all know what happened: The 6.0 earthquake in the country of Haiti. A boy, five years of age, was recently rescued after being trapped by rubble...for eight days. They also then found a 70-year-old woman. The NBA, heck, every sports league were devastated by this.

Players like Samuel Dalembert and Pierre Garcon were surprised, also because of family and friends living there as well. Rapper Wyclef Jean was distressed about the accident when he appeared on Oprah. He knew some of his friends died, but he knows he just can't do anything about it. It's unfortunate for our world, but the United States; along with leagues, people, and companies affiliated; are making a difference to help this country.

It's lugubrious, indeed. A bunch of children are now orphans. But the NBA cares. Sameul Dalembert made most of the difference, and arrived just in time for the Sixers game against the Timberwolves. Though they lost, Dalembert had heart. But although he is back in the US, he's still not done with the problems surrounding the country.

"I'm doing my best," he says. "I'll take another trip with UNICEF. So we can try to get all those children out there ... you know, we have parents who have been trying to adopt for two or three years."

Tears came.

"You know and ... that's frustrating me ... you're asking people to help. And kids have parents over there who want to adopt them. I've got a hundred parents, and you have a bunch of guys sitting down with the freaking papers. All it takes is one hour to go over everything, you know what I'm saying?

"I saw somebody's leg amputated in front of me. Surgeries performed on a kitchen table ... I'm talking about a folding kitchen table ... I have some disturbing pictures. And it hurts. ... There was no surgery room ... You heard him screaming. ... Not enough alcohol. Things we take for granted, you know. They try to make one bottle of alcohol last.

"Problems just keep occurring. There's no machinery to move things around. It's taking a long time to locate the people. I know everybody is doing their best. ... It's crazy over there.

"One thing really touched my heart the most is all the children. A lot of homeless children."

Other NBA players are also making differences of what is going on. Recently, Dwayne Wade and Alonzo Mourning both raised $800K for Haiti. Along with that, Cavaliers' Shaquille O'Neal suggested that the NBA should have the All-Star game, dunk contest, etc. in Haiti actually.

"As his manager, I will only allow 'Bron to do the dunk contest if Vince Carter comes back out," O'Neal said. "If Kobe comes back out and if another big name comes back out. If we could get a big prize and have half of the money go to the people of Haiti and the other half to the winner.

"The guys that are in it, no disrespect to them, but there won't really be any competition for LeBron. I want to see Kobe. I want to see Vince and I will allow my client to enter."

But these players aren't the only ones trying to make a difference for the country. There are a bunch of NBA players listed as donors for the population of Haiti. Take a look at these players involved, via Associated Press:
Al Horford, Anthony Parker, Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith, Carmelo Anthony, Ben Gordon, Mike Dunleavy, Michael Beasley, Udonis Haslem, Quentin Richardson, Devin Harris, Michael Finley, Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer, Ronnie Brewer, Caron Butler and the suspended Gilbert Arenas.
It's actually very surprising to see that many, but it's great.

A lot of people are making a difference and are doing everything they can to help Haiti. I just donated $10 for the country. If all of you guys are, you are truly making difference. Like Donte Stallworth said, "Follow & let's help the people of Haiti together today!"