Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baseball on Brink of Self-Destruction? Be Responsible, Selig

As curiosity strikes baseball faster than CC Sabathia’s fastball or even Cliff Lee’s curveball, you must come to realize baseball is a sport caught in hazed, gloomy clouds. The game is the root of all evil, casting hideous and despicable conceptions on what was America’s Pastime, but now America’s Disgrace.

In a way, the game seems like it’s on the brink of self-destruction when all you hear about are syringes and pills, rather than purity and artistic features.

The beauty of the game capitulated and crippled, allowing uncertainty to implode all the positive hallmarks. To be honest, this is a sad moment, a rampant stage when the game is eclipsed of all the outrageous scandals. Just so there’s no one befuddled, the Steroid Era continues.

Either a player tells on himself, or the mysterious list of 104 players keeps giving away stunning results and overwhelms us all. Why every time a name is linked our jaws drop and eyes shut in disbelief?

Come on, we’re living in the Steroid Era. But worst is, we’re living in a generation when an apathetic commissioner ignored the emergence of steroid buzzes. Right in front of Bud Selig’s eyes, there were signs of performance-enhancing drugs, literally equipped to contaminate the competitive nature in the mid-1990s. But his mindless persona, gave players the authority to juice the game.

In other words, he allowed and urged players to deceit and ruin integrity. Trust me, Mr. Bud is a rogue. He refused to institute a steroid bust, raiding criminals of the game on a regular.

Trust me, Mr. Bud is an idiot. He has done little to mend sorrow. For instance, you’d think he’ll have firmness to address the issues and crack down on insidious sluggers, maybe by enforcing harsh sanctions.

But the first idea that comes to mind, he’s ashamed of all the steroid revelations, a list of shameful announcements and all the scandals to shame the majors. In what was viewed as purity and cleanness, now is gazed as a toxic waste and practice for the one’s admired to strengthen their performance and master an advantage in the hitting department.

What! That’s so terrible. And they should be proud of themselves? Not a chance. It’s a disgrace whenever anyone hoax the game, and being proud of yourself for such ignominy is a sickness, insecurity or even low self-esteem.

If Bud had used his useless noggin before a hellish age ravaged the majors, baseball wouldn’t have egregious steroid crisis. Fine, establishing a policy to avoid performance-enhancing drugs is condoned, but all players won’t be encouraged to give up their fraudulent habits.

If Bud initiated a plan to resolve drugs before turning chaotic, he wouldn’t have to stress over integration or a shameful regime corrupting. He’s an absent-minded baseball commissioner who needs to be responsible, not an irresponsible goon. But, unfortunately, he’s a goon.

Everyone is laughing at Bud, the big clown of the majors and refuses to perform his biggest act. That’s taking accountability for cleaning up a contaminated sport, even though the game is suffering of mortals.

The longer Selig sits and waits, the longer the game is irreparable, which means it's hard to recover from an era of sleazes and when drug emporiums are inside clubhouses. If he’s not aware, the use of banned substances merely forges worst scenarios and stains the aspects of baseball. Until he takes action, we not even remotely close of pasting the steroid stages.

Meanwhile, Selig is inane and even in denial for believing the game is past the Steroid Era. He is, again, not utilizing his brain properly if he thinks the average player is clean and hasn’t committed hideous crimes. Anyone with a functional brain understands clearly that there are plenty of baseball stars who haven’t been caught. Ah, yeah!

By using common sense, many of them were smart and cleaned out their systems in time of random testing. By using common sense, baseball isn’t clean. And by assuming his sport is clean, Selig is characterized as goof in denial of what has happened to the game.

Until baseball has an accurate test for HGH and steroids, Selig could repossess credibility, but until then, his credibility is diminished. Behind the scenes there are players right now tricking Selig by using HGH and maybe even steroids.

And who exactly knows if the embarrassed man ever gets it. But, apparently, he doesn’t get it. It’s unfair delivering favoritism towards Mark McGwire, when there were those who came clean on national television or were linked to using substances.

For instance, Alex Rodriguez confessed to the world of his PED use, but wasn’t credited for revealing the truth. Instead he was belittled and blasted by Selig, who didn’t have any compassionate reactions when he stared at cameras and into the television releasing a sincere admission and apology to betrayed teammates and fans.

That’s a whole different story for McGwire, the cheater who has been described as paragon, even though his flimsy excuses are mind-boggling and inadvisable. So the explanation and apology is good enough for McGwire, in which he’s awarded and endorsed for poor judgment. It doesn’t make sense, when he used steroids during his playing career and wondrous milestone.

Although it's seen as an asterisk, a tainted McGwire was responsible for saving the game of baseball and broke the home run record in a single season. But now, a remarkable record is tainted and meaningless as Selig is dumb for the self-defense of McGwire. If Selig deeply cared about integrity, he would punish those who violated the rules and treat all players fair whether right or wrong.

If so, Pete Rose would have been reinstated. For six years, he has been ignored and signaled out. He has nicely begged Selig to reinstate him, but the commish quickly responded and shock his head no. Rose apologized for gambling on the game, constantly, when McGwire apologized one time.

There’s something wrong with the picture here.

Baseball is a messy sport. And as long as Bud oversees the league, the majors are faced with doom and malevolent scandals. I’m not allowing impunity to the fraudulent slugger Manny Ramirez, who resides in a neighborhood called Mannywood, but he was suspended 50 games last season for using a female fertility drug.

I’ve watched the league frail before my very eyes, and have never felt so betrayed, hoodwinked or cheated in my life. David Ortiz was a big name, the big slugger who arising when he suddenly was noticed as a big-name star in Boston. But no wonder why he crushed long-balls over the Green Monster.

Yes, indeed, his name unveiled from the list. Trust me he was never a Big Papi. Sammy Sosa’s name revealed deceitfulness, too. A-Rod is forgotten as the next home run king, after his name surfaced from the list.

Oh no, Selig! You have a serious crisis on your hands. What will you do to resolve it? I know nothing. If Bud hasn’t taken any action during a horrendous regime, why would he take action now? His successor, Fay Vincent, would’ve taken an important stance on the steroid issue. I know that for a fact.

There is someone in this country attacking Bud Selig verbally. He is, Jose Canseco, and still is gushing over alleged users. If you need information or details on the Steroid Era, find the man with the most credibility, the man with the most specifics and truth.

Each time he singles out a name formerly it usually are signs of the truth. There’s no one time that Canseco has been deceitful or spoke spiteful of players. Hell, I’ll believe him, before I believe Selig. That’s the truth.

Bud should be ashamed of himself for advocating juicing. If he’s not willing to address issues and punish players of iniquities, they'll continue to get away with juicing and damaging integrity. If so, doesn’t that make Bud a dope?