Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ron Artest Haters Really Needs To Get Lives

Years ago, I avoided Ron Artest. And if the Lakers were to sign him years ago, it would have divided a bonding team and absolutely demolished all chemistry. But now, Artest means everything to the Lakers, especially after Trevor Ariza traded spaces with him as the newest defensive force.

Artest was introduced Wednesday at the Lakers practice facility and was elated about entering next season in a purple and gold uniform. What does this mean for the Lakers? It means softness will most likely vanish, as Artest will stimulate a sturdy defensive assignment. He defended opposing stars and frustrated them by preventing their ability to drive inside the lane.

The one thing fans tend to worry about is his behavior, which shouldn't be much of a problem.

Folks, Artest has mellowed in the course of his career, finally having a breakout season in Houston a year ago.

Many still haven't erased the memories of his gruesome brawl as a member of Indiana, when he charged the stands at the Palace of Auburn Hills and prompted an infamous melee, the worst in NBA history.

Folks who still hate Artest must get a life. He's not a cancer as before, nor is he a problem-child who causes turbulence in the locker room. He's a man of defense and has finally arrived on the right team.

The Lakers haven't committed much time to defense and no player has really stepped up to enforce or emphasize defensive accountability.

So if there are people who still hate Artest for his heinous conduct in the past, get a life.

No kidding, he's the best defensive player in the league. And that's the truth.