Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fans Are Cheating Themselves, Manny Ramirez a Real Sham

Jason Giambi apologized when he returned to the Yankees after testifying before a grand jury to admit he had used steroids. Friday night, at a postgame conference, it was Manny Ramirez doing the exact same thing, just slightly different.

Finally, Ramirez addressed the media and returned for the first time since he was suspended 50 games for Juicing It Up and violating baseball’s drug policy. Just reinstated from suspension, Ramirez is still a darkened mystery in the majors, as no details have been uncovered.

Sure, fans accepted an apology and amazingly welcomed him back as if he has never committed shame. Ramirez is the biggest sham in baseball, even commissioner Bud Selig and dense fans haven’t quite figured out the message.

Sorry folks, you were tricked and betrayed by the same fraudulent outfielder that made a fool of you, waiting weeks later to address the media of his outrageous scandal. I call it the biggest scandal in baseball because loyalists admired Ramirez, and he vowed to us, insisting that he was the purest hitter in baseball, right?

Sadly, we believed Ramirez, confident that he had constituted purity and trusted that he had never used any substances to enhance his game.

Rather than using artistry and natural strength -- in our minds -- MANNY IS BEING MANNY, although he has tricked us and had been a juicer who abused his body and the game.

Cheating isn’t a habit I advocate, but since it is a forgiven country and people seem to be in denial about the infractions, I dare say Manny endures the lovable and sympathetic feeling. Shameful fans proudly uphold much idolatry to a cheater who ruined integrity, staining the majors of his steroid holocaust -- shame on them.

Yes, credit Ramirez for apologizes. For once, he responded to his heinous juice bust, wearing tinted shades with his well-known dreadlocks in a usual ponytail. Before a swarmed media circus, Ramirez talked briefly about using performance-enhancers, uncomfortable in addressing fraud that has tarnished a legacy and Hall of Fame votes.

He doesn’t earn my vote, and shouldn’t earn yours as a devoted fan, the same people who welcomed him back with warm receptions -- allowing Ramirez to elude a crime when he should have been evicted.

Part of the blame goes to the Dodgers, who are supporting and flattering him, ignoring that he has ever used drugs to increase his performance level. With the ownership and his teammates applauding his return, it enkindled fans to damn near throw a surprised, foolish Mannywood block party at Petco Park.

Wasn’t it the same hostile environment with a swarm of bees two days ago, which caused a delay to remove the harmful insects? Wasn’t it the same hostile environment of fans whose barbarous chants obnoxiously petrified Barry Bonds? They were the same unsympathetic fans that harassed Bonds by tossing syringes in left field a few years ago.

Doesn’t Manny deserve the same kind of greeting? After all, MANNY WAS BEING BARRY, perhaps the remote difference is that he has never committed perjury and never appeared in front of congress. But just like the rest, Ramirez belongs on Capital Hill, rather than in the Hall.

Although Ramirez apologized, he refused to respond to questions asked about steroids and never gave specifics. He was vague at the news conference, addressing the issue and plans to move on.

The infractions will haunt Ramirez, of which steroids will shamelessly smudge his image because fans braced the cartoonish left fielder as the game’s shrewdest hitter and exalted him as an icon.

An icon to eulogized in the game of baseball is Albert Pujols, who has been in constant debates on chances of winning the Triple Crown in his phenomenal career with St. Louis.

Go figure, the Dodgers shares gratitude more than disregard because Ramirez’s contract expires at the end of the season. Since the suspension, it's not understandable as the Dodgers express sympathy.

Just think, Ramirez is earning counterfeit cash with the Dodgers. True, he is one of the greatest hitters in the game, well, only if we know. At one point, owner Frank McCourt was upset when it had been revealed that Ramirez tested positive for performance-enhancers, after he was given $45 million.

Still, the Dodgers are enablers more than enforcers, admiring and celebrating his return as if he never perpetrated a real sham in baseball.

Joe Torre was surprised of the reactions at Petco Park. Fans in Dodger blue gave a standing ovation to Ramirez in his first at-bat, cheering and bracing the Mannywood campaign. And of course, there were fans that booed but the shameful cheers were louder.

Despite going hitless, 0-for-3 with a walk, Ramirez will always be loved by Dodgers fans and people in general. The Mannywood campaign is back at Dodger Stadium, and when he returns home in his first game since serving his punishment, it will be more like a wild celebration.

While in his time away, images were considered to plunge into shame.

But, the punishment and drugs made him famous as he was the biggest celeb in San Diego. Thousands of Dodgers' fans chanted “Manny! Manny! Manny!” In a sellout ballpark to see Shameful Manny, isn’t 42,217 enough and 27,000 giving a standing ovation enough?

Trust me, there were a few heckles as some chanted “Manny Roid-mirez!” But they don’t realize that the Dodgers were potent without him. Their strong depth led them to the best record in the majors. Andre Ethier and Juan Pierre each have hit effectively without Manny. But that doesn’t matter. The point is, Manny sell tickets.

Simply, it’s as if he has done no wrong.