Friday, July 31, 2009

Ortiz's Juice Taints Red Sox as Scandal is Limbo

We can just image how a nation of Red Sox devotees feels hearing about the latest steroid fraud. Pathetically, it is sicken and confounded of a player's name to be linked to a list of juicers. And it is misleading to a town that pledges most of its time to cherish Fenway Park, one of the world’s finest venues, where a multitude of fans crowds the Monster Seats to witness a wonderful overlook onto the field from above the well-known Green Monster.

They are inspired to arrive and crowd the place in a streak that is everlasting. Even on frigid nights, the proud fans are full of joy and spirit, most of them wearing red jerseys and cheers for the Red Sox.

For now, there’s nothing to cheer or be proud about the beloved team, in a town that has always been committed to baseball. Although, the Boston Celtics and the Boston Three Party brought triumph to a motionless town a year ago, and a robust Tom Brady is set to return to New England in the upcoming season, pursuing to strive and amass another title. But there’s not one professional team that can top the likable Red Sox.

But if a player test positive for using any banned substances, fans will became disappointed and speechless. They will become perturbed to grasp an understanding on conquests in recent years. Faced with dismay is Red Sox Nation, observing a dispirited nation unfortunately plunge into a downfall, which arrived unexpectedly and molded a tainted nature among a slight dynasty. David Ortiz was the last purist hitter standing in the game, a cure of all humanity, a cure on integrity and a cure on the game, until it crumpled in the latest name unveiled from the list.

Yes, Big Papi is now a Big Fraud. His name uncovered by testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003, and is now considered the biggest scandal in baseball. So like the rest of the juicers who have joined the Juicer Club, have tarnished their Hall of Fame legacies. Failing to realize the jeopardy of dismissing natural capabilities to fuel a system with trickery juice, proves lack of optimism and integrity on a game they are supposed to play with a zealous attitude, not an impersonal demeanor.

Ortiz has disappointed his family, a game that has already relapsed into a darken shadow of poisonous uproars as a steroid crisis has exposed a stain that will probably never be removed. But in the Steroid Era, amid a series of steroid scandals, Big Papi isn’t a nickname, disappointing, upsetting, misleading and shattering the hearts in Boston, where he was the most likable slugger to illustrate tremendous joy.

And he flourished into the primary slugger in the Red Sox championship runs, hard driven and batted with productive power. But none of that matters at all, and we can assume Boston’s 2004 and 2007 World Series titles were a con, tainted of juicing calamity.

Maybe the Red Sox were cursed after all in ’04, the year they snapped a curse that never ended. The curse of the Bambino still exists, haunted spirits that propelled 86 years of misery. But there is mind-blowing sorrow creating a national disturbance and formulating disgruntled fans.

At the very least, they reckoned the two miracle races were legitimate, not another trick that caught Major League Baseball by surprise. Oh, but it shouldn’t. Often this year, the wonderful season is interrupted and partly dismantled with the steroid trilogy revealed. Thus far, the ‘09 season has revolved around nothing but juicing the system and violating baseball’s law. This has overshadowed players with successful seasons.

For instance, St. Louis’ slugging first baseman Albert Pujols can make history books with perfect numbers, on pace to conquer a remarkable milestone. Good citizens are well aware and have followed Pujols’ Triple Crown status. Well, a possible Crown watch is an outcast of performance-enhancing drug debacles that have lasted longer than a decade, brainwashing our positive morale.

In this era, performance-enhancers have reduced our trust level, which has condensed spirit and initiative among the game. If you have brain cells and are rational about the infamous scandals that have sabotaged the 09 season, you are resentful, dreary and forlorn. It is deceptiveness and betrayal whenever players settle to pump bodies with juice, revealing a loss of confidence, of which they espouse drug use. So, average players decline to showcase their natural capabilities of swinging without a banned substance.

This year has focused in on steroid busts, interrupting the glorious game with hazy clouds covering baseball’s beautiful landscape. In a year that has produce more revelations than RBIs, homers, triples, doubles and singles, Alex Rodriguez unveiled from the list, Manny Ramirez’s name unmasked from a drug prevention policy and Sammy Sosa failed the test as well, following the so-called Big Papi, who cheated just like the rest.

For more than a decade, he fooled us with a phenomenal slugging percentage, belting power shots and was recently the dangerous hitter in baseball that most pitchers walked and never took a risk of allowing him to knock one out. In what seems to be a fraud, pitchers should now be more lustful throwing a hard pitch down the middle.

No longer can Ortiz intimidate anyone, nor can he hit as potent, obviously needing juice to drive his mighty shots over the Green Monster or even onto the streets behind the hideous wall in left field. Ortiz and Ramirez are the latest names from the list, so we can assume the Red Sox were tainted. They sabotaged the glorious and extraordinary moments of Curt Schilling’s heroics in Game Six of the ALCS, when he pitched with a bloody sock to bolster the Red Sox to historical comeback in major league history, after trailing 3-0 against the New York Yankees in major league history.

Now all the home runs are called into question, including the walk-off shots Ortiz and Ramirez belted to shatter the hearts of fans across the nation, but exhilarating the hearts of Red Sox Nation, who are now stunned of the revelations, convinced it was done legitimately. They are obligated to an explanation, of which Ortiz should address the media and give a sincere apology to fans that trusted in his game.

They were convinced it was artistically done as well as owner John Henry and general manager Theo Epstein. That is why they shipped off Ramirez to avoid distraction and psychological disturbance, as chemistry gradually dwindled. Basically, Ramirez was a cancer and abandoned the Red Sox in each game by switching into an indolent outfielder, refusing to retrieve groundballs or give chase to ones that rolled to the wall in left field. But in Ortiz’s ordeal, getting busted for steroids is a distraction that will form media frenzies, questioning the Big Fraud to deliver specifics. In mere moments, Ortiz’s legacy is battered and will never be the same, failing to realize a drug bust diminish credibility and the way fans brace his game.

Fact is that his legacy is tainted, but some fans will support the guy they refer to as Big Papi, when they really shouldn’t after a bust just changed the entire season for the Red Sox. Let’s assume the Red Sox were on the verge of entering a World Series showdown against the Los Angeles Dodgers. And let’s assume Ramirez will be able to seek vengeance against his former club in a championship series that will produce much hype.

Point to the matter is that it will consist of Ramirez and Ortiz, MANNY BEING A DOPE IN MANNYWOOD vs. BIG FRAUD OF BEATOWN. What a series that should be, right? Yes, a series of frauds who disappointed us all, by taking advantage of the game in their foolish acts. One good thing is that both helped the Red Sox win a World Series in an erroneously of course, two big criminals who ruined Boston’s prosperous pursuit.

Now the town is stuck in a tainted crisis, and is identified as baseball’s most tainted team in major league history, all because of two dense and wannabe sluggers. Now it is appealing to see if Ortiz receives as much adulation as Manny in a na├»ve town called Mannywood. Normally, Ortiz receives cheers from fans before every at-bat and if he drills a homer to delight ecstatic fans at a night at Fenway.

I’m not sure if the Red Sox are convinced their titles are tainted with juice stains.

And I’m not sure, if the Red Sox are cursed or not. But their titles are tainted with poisonous syringes from the biggest dopes, Ortiz and Ramirez.

That’s just pathetic.