Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vikings Lose To Jets: Brett Favre Under Tension on the Field and Off It

He’s obviously the diva queen of the NFL, always involved in an unnecessary saga with hyperbolic drama creating a lingering debate. The visual amenity of fans' aspirations in Minnesota, an environment that prides itself on football, admires the grandfather who is still hurling downfield throws in the National Football League.

So here is Brett Favre, who once again hijacked the summer months, opted to come back for his 20th season and jeopardize his accomplished legacy. We can only hope this is his last season, after people have either implored for the veteran to come back or stay away from the game.

Five games into the regular season, and his body language is showing signs of fatigue. So now already, we are urging the future Hall of Famer to retire at the end of the season.

He was supposed to lead the Minnesota Vikings to the Super Bowl, and then call another emotional press conference to announce retirement again. He was supposed to depart from the game in triumph but barely can survive on turf, doomed by opponents implementing an effective pass-rushing scheme to neutralize Favre and the Vikings' balanced offense.

The deterioration of his passing heroics is beginning to present trouble on the weary shoulders and legs of the oldest quarterback in the league.

Most of all, without him, the imagery in football isn’t the same, and the Vikings would likely be a winless franchise with incumbent quarterbacks Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosefels, who are both battling for the toughest position. Favre is too much fun to watch in the most popular sport in the country, uplifting the state of a violent and watchful sport.

So you expect much productivity from the elderly rather than the youth, a man who is long past his prime and appears to be suddenly on decline in the final stages of an accomplished career. If there’s much of a ruckus and grievous, of course, interfering with Favre's performance level, it is evidently the arduous publicity of the Jenn Sterger chronicle.

As he continuously wilts, his incredible streak with 289 consecutive regular-season starts at quarterback could be endangered if evidence uphold that he violated the league’s personal conduct policy.

Aside from his struggles on the field, Favre is facing struggles off the field. If this is the end of the iron man streak, he’ll be unbearably serving punishment for misconduct. If this is true, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell won’t be hesitant to bench the iconic superstar.

Upon hearing that Favre is under investigation for allegedly sending bawdy text photos and messages to a woman employed by the Jets when he played for the Jets in 2008, is uncanny and insane, nearing the end of a remarkable career.

But this isn’t surprising in which we reside in a senseless society with the abundance of irresponsible and disrespectful men, flirting with sexy women because of their attire and facial features. In short, this isn’t the first incident and isn’t the last.

In everyday life, a relationship is constantly unraveling and divorce rates are increasingly growing, as marriages crumble and affairs prompt havoc in relationships.

So, it wasn’t surprising to hear Favre’s name involved in a sexual harassment episode, with immense temptations in a business that athletes are approached by all types of women, just as it wasn’t surprising to watch the Vikings fall victim to the New York Jets after a 29-20 loss Monday night, dropping to 1-3.

And yet each time he loses and comes back the next week, he’s normally in denial and feels guilty. Meanwhile, in a morning meeting Monday, Favre was teary eyed and apologized to the Vikings for involving them into a media circus.

But now, however, the 41-year-old is declining to talk about alleged sexual charges during press conferences, embarrassed and irritated by the accusations. All of this could lead to an unhappy ending for the most accomplished athlete in the game. It’s too bad that he couldn’t lead the Vikings to a victory.

Nonetheless, Favre is known for resiliency, but as the body wears down and as he ages, he’s losing patience and is becoming frustrated regularly. If the allegations are true, we’ll never forget his faulty mistake, but we’ll forgive Favre if he wins. Late in the fourth quarter Favre played unwisely, committing a clumsy blunder and failing to redeem himself of the allegations and cure his soul.

Instead of connecting with one of his receivers on a pass, he misfired and threw an interception directly to Jets cornerback Dwight Lowery, who returned it 26 yards for a game-clinching touchdown.

Only now, Favre’s state of mind isn’t fixated on football, but clearing his name in one of the most devastating weeks of his personal and professional life as well. When the NFL is done investigating, Favre could serve suspension and may not skate this time.

Maybe he can get away without reporting and participating in minicamps or training camps, but if these accusations are true, he’ll be handed a one-game suspension at the most. Idol or not, admirable player or not, the NFL Sheriff will likely drop the sledgehammer on Favre.

There may not be enough proof or even truthful evidence, even if Deadspin.com last week revealed that Favre sent unacceptable text and voice messages, including cellphone photos of his genitalia. He hasn’t missed a game since Week 4 of the 1992 season, an astonishing iron man streak.

This is remarkable for a man, not only because of his milestones such as throwing a 36-yard pass to newly acquired receiver Randy Moss for his 500th career touchdown pass and celebrating by trotting down the field and leaping into Moss' arms as if he's a little kid, but also for standing as the league's symbol.

On the negative side of things, he accounted for the 162nd fumble of his career, breaking Warren Moon’s record. Alas, the costly mistake set up a Jets field goal for the fourth field goal on the night for Nick Folk. On the next possession, Favre rebounded from his botched error and owned the record books for surmounting past 70,000 passing yards.

Commonly known as the one superstar in the league for breaking records and setting new milestones, Favre is a unique specimen in the NFL. All of his accolades and feats are too glorious to implode, but as of now, it remains a mystery whether or not he’s the NFL Sheriff’s next suspect guilty of violating the policy.

Brett has to realize that there is a sheriff in town. Maybe he’ll text message the sheriff analogy, and advise players to avoid troubles.