Saturday, October 9, 2010

LeBron Tops Durant in Exciting Pre-Season Game; Will Top Him for MVP as Well

LeBron James will stop at nothing. Even if it means the practices. Even it means the pre-season. No matter what, he's going to give it all he has got in him. Because the 6'8", 250-pound small forward wants to win a championship. And now.

Even if he is 25 years old, what's there to lose? It's better to just start winning now, like people want him to. He stands at 0-1 in the NBA Finals. His mission this season obviously to fix that record to 1-1 while Chris Bosh gets 1-0 and Dwyane Wade has 2-0.

And he's trying to forget about the last two months, too.

"To be honest, I really don't see what's wrong with the Heat," Kevin Durant said. "That's what baffles me a little bit, is people say they're the villains. They haven't done anything wrong outside of the basketball court. Three guys teamed up. Boston did it a couple of years back, too. They just did it a different way."

In a pre-season game versus the Oklahoma City Thunder last night, James and the Heat topped Kevin Durant and his rising Thunder towards a 103-96 victory. It was future-MVP candidate versus another.

This time, the MVP who has already won two of them came out on top.

"We're playing good basketball for what we have now," said James, who totaled 22 points. "When we get 100 percent healthy, we'll be able to see."

LeBron and Bosh both totaled for 45 points and help Miami go 2-0 in the pre-season now. And this is truly how you get it done. This truly shows how hungry someone is for a triumphant championship win.

LeBron wants it badly.

And now.

Bosh showed up, scoring for 23 points.

The Heat were only up by a few by the halftime came, clinging on to a 55-52 lead. However, thanks to a lot of help to Bosh, the Heat outscored Oklahoma City in the third quarter by a 32-19 commanding run.

"Right now we're focused on who we have," said Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. "It won't be tough for Dwyane to catch up. "We had great energy, but not right away. It took us a while to get into rhythm and get a good balance."

James would end the game, acting like the MVP he was, drilling a three-pointer on a pass from Patrick Beverly to take a 76-62 lead. Again, James got it done.

But big ups for Durant, has he scored 21 points. And he showed himself, too.

"I think that I could have been a little more aggressive," Durant said. "I worked on my body a little bit, too, this summer, I could be a little stronger. Some of those shots, too, I -- you know, I just missed."

Many are voting for he young leader who struck gold for Team USA in the FIBA World Championships to win the MVP title this season. I wouldn't be surprised if "Durantula" can accomplish that task after already being granted the scoring champion last season.

He can easily win it if he can bring the Thunder to the top in the Western Conference along with also being in top-three in points. Durant can easily do that, and he showed that today.

"I love the competition. It was fun," Durant said of James.

But LeBron also has a better chance. James can have a chance of getting a bunch of triple-doubles this season. Most likely becoming the point guard type, or shall I say Magic Johnson type, player that he will be, James can have the statistics he would need to accomplish his goals and feats.

James will be counted on for averaging at least 22 points, six assists, and six rebounds per game, and he can easily do that after averaging nearly in double-digits for mostly all those categories. James knows how to get it done.

But Durant is also in a similar situation, having Russell Westbrook and Jeff Green on the squad.

"He's becoming a man," Thunder coach Scott Brooks said. "You can see it on and off the court. I've been with him going on four years now. You can see he's maturing in front of our eyes. It's pretty unique to see. He's become stronger. His handle's gotten tighter. His confidence level is higher. He's a terrific teammate. He's always been those things. He's just adding to it."

Right now, the Heat are currently without Wade and or showing that they can still be conquerors. James doesn't mind. It won't change him. Not at all.


Obviously, he's hungry.

"Everybody in the media tries to twist things up and say I'm the anti-LeBron," Durant said. "Hey, we're playing the game of basketball. We're two basketball players who love the game. We have the same mindset, just trying to get better every day. The way he handles his business and the way I handle my business shouldn't be criticized or over-published, I think. We're all in the NBA and trying to get better. He's a great player in this league and has elevated this league for seven years. Everything he's done for the league and how much he's grown as a player, you have to commend him on that."

Thunder coach Scott Brooks joked, "I think they're better without Wade."

The Heat's offense already looks great. Bosh thinks they can do more better and install it more.

"We're just playing out of movement. I think that's the best basketball to play. We're going to have set plays. But most of the time we're just going to be out there reading each other."

When Wade comes back, you can bet that James is going to be so much more better than he already is right now. And if he is, the case is closed that he will be the Most Valuable Player of the 2010-11 NBA season.

"I try to play as the MVP every time I go out there on the court," he said. "And if the trophy comes with it, then I'm humbled and I'm blessed and I'll be thankful for it. It's just how I approach the game. Preseason game, practice game, regular season, playoffs. I try to approach it the right way and I try to give it my all. "

I have no doubts.

Unquestionably, neither does LeBron.