Sunday, May 2, 2010

There's No Excuses Now: The Atlanta Hawks Have to Beat The Bucks

Things haven't been going well for the Atlanta Hawks.

Sure, they got themselves back into the series with a Game Six win, but seriously: Game Seven with the Milwaukee Bucks?!

I know it's now or never for a lot of other teams like the Cavaliers, but what team that really needs that saying are the Atlanta Hawks.

There's now excuses now, the Atlanta Hawks have to beat the Milwaukee Bucks in this crucial Game Seven for the first round of the NBA Playoffs. The Hawks shouldn't be all that satisfied with that Game Six win.

Atlanta was entering this series, looking to win it in five-to-six games.

Now the Hawks are fighting to even be in Game Seven in an elimination game for the Bucks. Brandon Jennings has made this time look like a pack of fools right now. The Hawks need to start flying on the Pterodactyl and the rest of this Milwaukee squad.

It's now or never for this team. What really bothers me, though, is that how much talent this team has.

They have a really athletic power forward in Josh Smith. Along with that, they have a sleek, veteran point guard in Mike Bibby. A game-changer in Jamal Crawford and an engine in Joe Johnson. And don't forget Al Horford, the very underrated center.

The Hawks shouldn't have any excuses for the performance they have been showing. This Game Seven will take place in Atlanta and this team really needs to make the most of it. With a likely strong fanbase coming in to support the crowd, Atlanta has an advantage here.

All the momentum is coming and returning. Let this team bring back the wins like the first few games in this series. Atlanta needs to have this kind of mindset. Make it a win.

For the Hawks, it's really time to soar.