Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NBA Playoffs 2010: Are The Spurs The Only Team That Can Stop The Lakers?

Let's face it, for the past three years, the Los Angeles Lakers have been the most unstoppable and dominant team in the West and possibly in the NBA.

Last year marked that they were number one for sure. 2007 marked that they were close, but the C's were simply just better. This year, they're more experienced but still the best team in the West.

So it brings up a question: Who can stop the Los Angeles Lakers? They have such a great lineup.

They have a veteran leader at point guard in Derek Fisher with a great backup in Jordan Farmer; the best SG in the NBA with Kobe Bryant, who is simply impossible to stop at times; a defensive-minded SF in Ron Artest, who will play physical; a playmaking PF in Pau Gasol, who can rebound and score just about whenever he wants to along with a great sixth man in Lamar Odom; and finally a dominating center in Andrew Bynum.

A mega-all-star lineup there.

So, who can stop them? There's only one team out there, and there name is the San Antonio Spurs. Their lineup isn't half bad:

They got a fast/veteran PG-combination in Tony Parker and George Hill; a streaky shooting guard in Manu Ginobili, followed by Roger Mason behind him; a decent SF in Richard Jefferson; a future HOF PF in Tim Duncan, followed by an intimidating rebounder in DeJuan Blair; and finally a decent C in Antonio McDyess.

Again, another mega lineup here.

Both teams have had their share of championships this decade and all have a huge superstar who has been in all of the team's Finals this decade: Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant.

The Spurs have an advantage at PG with George Hill's youth and Parker's leadership against Fisher and Farmar. But Fisher can sometimes make plays when you need them and Farmar sometimes is reliable.

SG is no question: Lakers win there. But it is still a hard-fought match-up with Ginobili in the mix. SF will be entertaining with Artest over Jefferson. PF's gonna be good with Duncan vs. Gasol and Blair vs. Odom. Bynum vs. McDyess? Decent.

But can Bynum still dominate, even with an injury at hand. I have a strong sense the Lakers will stop the Utah Jazz. Already up 2-0, they can get it. Spurs are down 1-0, but shouldn't worry. They were down to the Mavs and succeeded.

They can get the Suns in six or seven. Lakers can get the Jazz in five or six, though.

I think these two teams are destined for the Conference Finals. Who will be on top in the Wild West? I just don't see the Suns getting success over L.A. It just doesn't seem like it. With the experienced teams, it'll have to be San Antonio and Los Angeles.

But whoever goes to the Finals out of these two teams, this Conference Finals is gonna be helluva entertainment, no doubt!

Good luck to the four teams in the West and in the East.

Keep watching the playoffs!