Friday, October 2, 2009

Chicago Stunned as Obama Fails: Props to Rio

In America’s greatest sports town, people crowded the streets of Chicago, waiting on final results of the bid for the 2016 Olympics. Failing to conquer elation and grant America soil with widely the most captivating sporting event in all of sports, is a huge loss for President Obama.

Most of the population was convinced that he was wasting time, not focusing greatly about reforming health care, well-rounded educational systems, the fragile economy, which is now in a recession, and well, bringing home the troops from Afghanistan.

As for me, along with others who are disturbed with the corrupted government, unanimously weren’t condoning Olympic festivities with our country in a horrendous crisis.

Most believed there were important issues to handle in dreadful times, while there were fervid sports devotees, wearing somber facial expressions, shedding tears, stunned and afflicted about a demoralizing defeat.

From Oprah’s speech and to Michelle Obama's speech, citizens were optimistic that the Olympics belonged at home. The stunned citizens failed to realize Oprah’s powerful advice and the Obama’s speeches weren’t good enough to manipulate the International Olympic Committee.

With vigor and command, the committee took control, and eliminated Chicago in the first round. It’s difficult to believe, when the town seemed it had met an agenda with befitting qualifications to host the 2016 summer games.

But some argue that America isn’t mentally and physically prepared hosting the summer games because of financial deficits, which has impaired our country. In battered times, the least concern was accommodating the entire world. Some are quick to angrily sound off, frustrated and disgusted with the devastating recession.

When our country’s greatest automakers crashed, unemployment rates are at a high, foreclosures are at a high and homicide rates tripled, that’s indications of an arduous crisis.

For Obama, the ramifications of conquering a victory were huge. Once again, he failed adding success to his resume of uncertainty. As most remain furious, even more so now, they are infuriated. He took a risk, endangering possibly his reliability as commander in chief and wasted his valuable time when he could’ve aimed closer upgrading a precarious economy.

Larger responsibilities are upon Obama, particularly when he made vows to soothe citizens of troubling times. As it seems, that is, he traveled to Denmark failing worthlessly, and even angered political parties by taking a trip overseas to bid for the world’s greatest sporting competition when there’s more considerable issues to be resolved.

The worst-case scenario is that Obama loses, but the best-case scenario is that the Olympics aren’t coming here. It clearly doesn’t belong in our backyard, as we aren’t physically and stably ready.

It didn’t take much for the IOC to recognize it, nor was it difficult for them to hand over the award to Rio de Janeiro. Once the announcement was made, the entire continent of South America celebrated a historic development with pride.

The Brazilians celebrated off the beautiful shores in paradise, embracing an astonishing gift. For the first time the Olympics will be held in South America, and Brazil is fortunate to represent the entire continent.

Filled with elation, while Chicago is filled with painful tears, South America is rejoiced as an entire after been rewarded with surprising eulogy.

The IOC wasn’t buying into anything the U.S. brought. The powerful voices, which suddenly were powerless inside the Danish capital, went through one ear and out the other. Oprah was there, but she was powerless, unable to change the minds of the committee’s votes.

Michelle was there, but wasn’t able to talk much with zealous determination. Obama was there, but couldn’t make a change as he has vowed several times.

Maybe they should have sent Steve Bartman, too!

It wasn’t a bad choice for the committee to turn down Chicago. Here, in the states, issues are anything but flawless. As taxpayers, the Olympics would have been too costly for citizens’ wallets. Major Richard Daley said the games will cost $3.3 million, an expensive rate in a country where saving every penny matters.

But he mentioned that hosting the games would have enlarged revenue, as the city would have earned $500 million.

More shockingly was the fact that Chicago was the first eliminated, shocking Rev. Jesse Jackson, who shook his head in disbelief. Even Sen. Roland Burris of Illinois and three-time Olympic gold-medalist Rowdy Gaines were stunned to hear the final outcome. This was mind-blowing, when many were blinded and never realized it was good welfare.

Instead the well-deserving Rio finished first, Madrid finished second, Tokyo finished third, and well, Chicago finished fourth, overwhelmingly upsetting the nation as if Illinois had just busted a bracket in the NCAA tourney, as if Bartman robbed a foul ball in right field territory, or as if Michael Jordan missed the biggest shot of his lifetime.

Most wondered if losing the bid was a backlash, or was Rio just more determined. I’ll have to say it was a combination of both, which overthrew Chicago and opened opportunities for a new continent, now able to experience glorious recognition.

For now, let’s give props to Rio.