Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marbury's Sadness Reveals a Different Side To The Athlete

The world derided a video that LeBron James tried to conceal from the public of a college player dunking over the global superstar. No wonder why Nike tried to salvage the humiliating tape.

For more than a week the topic flourished, making any normal citizen fatigued of the storyline blown out of portion; which translated into a primary development.

A high-intense dunk created merciless annoyance and actualized national absorption to catch our attention, when none of us never really cared about an empathic dunk. From populace reactions, many ignored the agitating footage that was described as" Internet assault."

Once it seemed this website video phase has longed past and moved on to more important elements in sports, a new generation is brainwashed of corrupted videos broadcast on websites.

Any athlete who advertises in a negative way on the Internet, just to make a public scene, is setting up for a humiliating stature.

Not long ago, citizens here laughed at A-Rod for portraying himself as the laughing stock of America, posing in the men’s magazine Details. The photos showed Rodriguez kissing a mirror, of which he made a complete joke.

Oh, I haven’t forgotten the photos of Tom Brady caught walking in a protective boot on his right foot as he trotted to his girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen’s apartment. Or even when Michael Phelps was caught on a photo, blowing on a bong at a college party. All of these were over analyzed.

Dwelling on the latest videos grasp our interest, and whenever a sports figure is seen in a bizarre photo with something jolting, the entire world raves about superstar’s privacy. They are discovered enacting in an unusual way that we’re not accustomed to recognizing from the aspects of the game.

So, the latest brouhaha to jolt our instincts is the webcast of Stephon Marbury.

And to believe he has matured into a knowledgeable player with a consciousness for disturbing features, still we should grasp an assumption that Marbury is juvenile and self-centered, lacking a conscience to straighten up a long-lost demeanor. Looking back into his past, you wonder why he persists in putting himself in perplexing troubles.

The more skeptical episodes released into the public regarding Marbury, the more his image will dwindle. For years, selfishness has gotten him into heated confrontations, conflicts with teammates and coaches as everything revolved around him. Forgetting and bashing teammates just provoked further infamous chemistry.

Each team he has practically dismantled by dividing a brand of players with his cocky attitude. With an infamous behavior, Marbury isn’t the world’s likable player, but might be the most dislikable.

Just to refresh, Marbury had a confounded testimony in the Isiah Thomas sexual harassment case. But more troubles occurred in New York, where his popularity gradually deteriorated and strangely had a designed tattoo done on the side of his head.

It is alright to wonder if Marbury was a prolific guard who never excelled to an agenda, wasting creative ball-handling and exceptional long-range shooting to allow his enigmatic modus to take over?

It was a glorifying dream, representing his native town, born and raised in Coney Island, New York. But an actual dream gradually disintegrated with the New York Knicks, who wasted valuable prices on Marbury, paying $19 million as he refused to play. As usual, he was only concerned with his welfare, rather than the team’s well-being, which is why the Knicks agreed on a contract.

Sharing profit with Marbury uplifted the town and stabilized a positive mood inside Madison Square Garden. Before, it was just a place to enjoy as a nice evening at the sports bar, ignoring objects that appeared on the court.

It wasn’t long before, the atmosphere turned back into a Broadway sporting soap opera and lasting longer than the hit show Days of our Lives.

Pathetically, Marbury and Thomas constantly feuded, igniting conflict and dramatic ruckus among the team. Mired in multiple disputes that created animosity and disarray, the Knicks were easily described as NBA’s most dysfunctional team.

In a town where confidence has reduced since the Patrick Ewing era, we were ensured that Thomas was the mastermind for remodeling a contender, instead a disastrous mess ensued.

Before Thomas arrived to take on a demanding role, Marbury feuded with coach Larry Brown and teammates, selfishly having a bitter mindset that individually the team revolved around his contributions. Being self-centered resulted in him trying to dictate when he participates and how he plays, a demeanor that drastically poisoned any chemistry.

Last season, the Knicks President of Basketball Operations, Donnie Walsh, had a four-hour meeting with Marbury and agreed to a contract buyout. From there, he was released and eligible to sign with the Boston Celtics, who was a primary target and took a perilous gamble for half of a season.

But whenever someone exposes a foolish image, sadly to the world it draws more dislike and bitterness in the way we perceive that individual.

Now it is Marbury faced with humiliation, as there shouldn’t be sympathetic sorrow giving to the guard, who we thought was willing to change his demeanor.

Yet, has he avoided troubling scenarios, but has earned attention by presenting horrible concepts that aren't digestible.

With psychologically questionable behavior, Marbury is easily despised by the masses that had accumulated tremendous deference after he marketed his discount shoes to make affordable for children who are less fortunate.

Just goes to show, how fast heroics can weaken from a few mistakes.

A film captures Marbury in a room with his shirt off, emotionally breaking down in front of a webcam. He is showing perfect hints that he is mentally disturbed.

He has gone wacko, a mental patient that is no longer classified as a NBA superstar. Knowing his past history makes it difficult to describe him as a valuable guard.

Sorry, but there’s no sympathy felt here, as Marbury seemed confused, eating Vaseline on a camera. He revealed to the world that there are major issues troubling his mind, and anyone should be aware that Marbury is disturbed.

Ask yourself what is the world coming to, and maybe someone will tell you Marbury is emotionally confounded. Just like that, his image will never be the same, courtesy of a website video that reveals an ambiguous and bizarre scene of Marbury.

It is now obvious that we can never underestimate the mindset of a player, especially like the disgraceful Steph, who was always enigmatic on the court and apparently off the court, too.

And so, we thought LeBron getting dunked on was bad. Think again, it turns out Marbury is a bad example and the humiliated one.