Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dez Bryant Needs to Get It Together, Before It Goes to Waste

Given his background of troubles off the field, Dez Bryant is not a spotless well-behaved guy. He is a wide receiver who represents the most storied NFL franchise, the Dallas Cowboys. Owner Jerry Jones is not reluctant ever in taking a risk on renegade players, gave his unsettled wide receiver a chance when the general public questioned Bryant’s character and behavioral concerns.

It can actuate a needless distraction, as the Cowboys enter another season of hell and questioning about their defiant wideout. For a rash of troubles Bryant has had with the law in the past, it should be taken into account by the front office, particularly after his latest run-in with the law. It comes at the wrong time as training camp looms and Bryant’s arrest Monday was disturbing, with his thug-like behavior, and a demeanor that badly humiliates Jones and the Cowboys. A team devoted to him after a police report alleges that he turned angry during a verbal dispute.

If there’s any truth behind a domestic dispute, aware of a preceding incident from Bryant’s run-in with an off-duty police officer about his pants sagging too low at NorthPark Center Mall, he grabbed his mother by her shirt and slapped her in the face with a baseball cap and pulled her hair. If there’s any truth behind a physical attack on his mother, up to date with Bryant receiving a criminal trespass warning a year ago for arguing and refusing to leave the mall, his own mother avowed that her son “tried to kill me,” terrified and in distress at the time of the disturbing call.

That means he could be a detriment and a rogue, which is not good for the Cowboys, and spells doom for a franchise already having shortcomings and wrecked by futility that has inhibited Dallas from success lately. At least, unlike others jumping to conclusions on a fresh story making national headlines, I’m reserving judgment and I’m not so fast to say he needs to be punished or dismissed.

Only time will tell about Bryant’s foreseeable future and how much longer he will wear a helmet emblazoned with a star logo. But for now, until there are further details, you cannot run him out of Dallas, not when he allegedly fought his mother and not when she was heard in a harrowing 911 phone call that maybe wasn’t as horrifying as it sounded.

Though it had to be rampant for her to call the police on her own son, horrified and aghast by Bryant’s actions that resulted in physical violence, Bryant might be innocent of assault. Then again, judging on his poor character and wrongful conduct, he might be guilty of grabbing his mother’s hair and hitting her. The Monday night outburst, as Bryant was irate and livid with his mom for an argument, began between Bryant and his half-brother. He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor family violence. It’s disappointing that it seems, since his arrival to the NFL where expectations are large, Bryant is always ending up in trouble. The vibes are bad now that he’s embroiled in plights from his incident a year ago to his recent happenings. But without enough facts, it’s hard to really fathom what to believe in the wake of his domestic violence charges.

The fathomable thing here is, because Bryant had a rough upbringing in his childhood, he’s digested emotional stress and dysfunction that has mentally corrupted his state of mind and destroyed him, having an influence on his out-of-control NFL career. As a kid, he went through a time of difficulty that his mother, Angela Bryant, had a battalion of unlawful troubles, including spending 18 months in prison during her son’s childhood for selling crack cocaine.

And who’d have guessed Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland would kick up controversy at the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine for asking Bryant if his mother was a prostitute?

It only seemed like yesterday. And then came a firestorm, including African Americans playing the race card, and this almost jeopardized Ireland’s job status in Miami. Bryant, despite the recent arrest, is scheduled to play for Dallas next season, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell could hand down a lengthy suspension for violating the NFL’s personal-conduct policy. It’s now time he turns himself around and mature into one of the cleanest athletes in pro football, and only he can turn it around, not his teammates, not his coaches, not his family, not even Jones.

Only he can make it better. Whatever it takes for Bryant, a prodigious talent and gifted wide receiver, he can’t let it go to waste — by choosing to make stupid decisions. He must defuse poor judgment that can hinder him from becoming a top receiver in the National Football League. And in fairness, we must be true Americans and reserve judgement.

What Dez is doing is only hurting him, and he’s slowly ruining his NFL livelihood, by being unable to control his emotions. It would be a major blow to him and his family — as well — now that he’s risen in his football career to finally reach a lifelong dream — an absolute waste if he somehow throws it all away for misbehaving and having off-field issues.

By offering unsolicited advice, although he’s a grown man and should be able to help himself when practically no one else can, he needs to seek anger management counseling to resolve his ostensible anger outbursts that can later make him self-destruct.

But he’s the only person who can take hold of his career and get a grip on life.
Dez has to make it possible. Dez has to do whatever it takes. Dez has to quickly turn his life around… or else.