Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cam Newton Evidently Might Be Innocent, Leading Auburn Closer To Nobility

This time, evidently, the nightmare of revelations weren’t drawing many conversations in Tiger Nation, a community in the South that has been mired in innuendo and uncertainty with the slew of allegations involving Cam Newton, the Heisman hopeful this season.

In one of the most exotic, tumultuous weeks of Newton’s lifetime, his presence was felt by the home crowd that lofted signs that read “Yes We Cam!” The more than Auburn Tigers win, the more a repugnant scandal disappears slowly of which winning cures all the troubles Newton is facing with the pending investigations and accusations.

“Like I said, he’s a really, really talented, extremely gifted football player, and he means a lot to our football team,” said Chizik afterward. “Again, I’m only going to answer questions more along the lines of pertaining to the game. By (Newton’s) performance, I felt like he’s done just about what he’s done in every other game this year.”

After all, however, he is academically and athletically eligible and as for his status, nothing has been proven which means Newton is innocent until proven guilty. But for now, it’s the hearsay and claims of the ongoing sins released publicly, putting his Heisman status in jeopardy. In the meantime, the Newton scandal revoked our consciousness in collegiate sports, but almost simultaneously heightened his celebrity in a state that relishes the game. What amazes the masses is that he is keeping his poise and calmness, despite all the alleged misconduct and distractions, still favored to win the stiff-armed award because of his unparalleled accomplishments this season.

If there’s any truth to this ongoing NCAA investigation, he won’t be forgotten but will be forgiven in a way. Until we know the truth, he is still the commodity of Auburn, a gifted football institution driving towards a national title. Now that they are on the path of brilliance, Newton and the university is facing much scrutiny for all what has elicited within a noteworthy program within the elite SEC conference.

The nation’s best player played with tremendous heart on Saturday in front of thousands and led the Tigers to a historic 49-31 win over Georgia. It is as if his life has never been in shambles, and now Newton is pretending that the confusion has never existed and has amazingly endured the invasion of the NCAA.

For all we know, he could be the cleanest, spotless star in the game and this scandal could easily be a slap in his face if evidence emanate that he never violated the rules. It was, however, a thrilling moment with an everlasting marathon, and historically, Newton had 299 yards in total offense and emerged as the first player in SEC history to throw for 2,000 and rush for 1,000 in a season.

In the end, he had two touchdowns in rushing, and two more in passing for a combine of four touchdowns on the evening thousands witnessed the modest quarterback polish with all the recondite reports that he cheated in several classes while he was a Florida Gator. As much as we want to believe that reports were leaked from his jealous enemy, maybe the allegations were made from someone associated with the Gators as way to spoil the Tigers’ adroit season. As much as we want to believe that reports were leaked from a senseless Gators fan, maybe the accusations were made from someone who figures that Florida’s hopes are on the line because of the emergence of Newton and the Tigers.

Few believe there is some wariness swirling within the Auburn program, with Chizik continuously downplaying and doing very little to resolve the hypocrisy and conspiracy madness. As usual, he fueled a bit of suspicion by clearly rebuffing interest in discussing the Newton infamy and took the easy way out when he was interrogated in the press conference, and only responded to short answers.

Throughout the perturbing obloquy, the University of Auburn has been silent and has refused to comment on the turbulence encompassing the school. At this point, the heavy talk is devoted to whether or not Auburn is worthy of accepting an invite to the national scene. At this point, the heavy talk is turned to the Tigers high-powered rushing attack, a common trait which has defined a burgeoning season in the toughest conference in all of college football.

At this point, the heavy talk is given to the Tigers for overwhelming the nation, preserving conversations on whether they merit every right to fittingly claim the No. 1 ranking in the nation over the Oregon Ducks. Clearly, he is the face of a dominant football team in the South, therefore he led Auburn out of the tunnel and stormed onto the field before the opening kickoff, waving his arms to energize the crowd that swung orange pom-poms, alerted and enchanted in witnessing a reserved and composed Newton.

All alone, he pulverized Georgia on the ground and carried the ball 30 times for 151 yards. At one time in the game, the Tigers trailed by two touchdowns, and still scored 42 of the next 52 points to exhibit its well-rounded offense that has been unstoppable. With 13 days until the Iron Bowl, most of the anxiety has fizzled out. At the end of the contest, he happily chest-bumped Auburn’s Tiger mascot, and he jumped into the stands to celebrate with the supportive fans.

Sharing the moment with the crowd, he slapped hands with everyone and he orchestrated the band and he smiled greatly, telling the world that he’s not worried or disturbed by the allegations. That’s because he might have felt some relief for a recent report that stated Newton knew nothing about his father’s ties with Mississippi State on Saturday. So basically, as this report brings out a bit of specifics, his father, Ceil, a preacher, carelessly tried to sell his son for a return of profit. His teammates seemed distracted, but Newton never had a worried or tense stare on his face and led the Tigers.

There’s much to like about Newton, especially when Tiger Nation only cares about winning football games. He is, certainly, the one player everyone applauded. After all, he resurrected the Tigers. There were thousands of fans crowding the streets as Newton walked by in the traditional Tiger Walk that lasts a half-mile. Without him, the Tigers wouldn’t be riding an impressive 11-0 season, on the way to the SEC championship game in a few weeks. For now, unless this commotion is true, he is eligible and will be Auburn’s guy.

As you may know, already, the fans were holding up signs that said “I stand with Cam.”

That is a good conception, until all the facts are released.