Sunday, December 6, 2009

Validated: Alabama Is Title Worthy

For the first time ever, at least from what I can remember, Tim Tebow broke down mentally and dripped tears before thousands at the Georgia Dome, where you couldn’t argue it was an electric, national title atmosphere.

The Florida Gators encountered an interesting challenge, a rigid matchup against a superior opponent, and Alabama bombarded the well-balanced villains of the Southern Eastern Conference.

Instantly, it smeared a potential dream of creating a historic finish in NCAA history. It smeared an inconceivable dynasty built on Tebow’s inspirational leadership and unparalleled sprints, stiff-arms and jump passes. Of course, the country such as ESPN’s College Gameday analysts Lee Corso or Kirk Herbstriet, predicted the Gators are victorious crusaders.

This country had forgotten about a potent and dynamic program in the same conference. This country paid less attention to an entire state, which admires football and spends their average Saturday afternoon’s rooting on a systematic program, brilliantly built by Coach Nick Saban.

That would be the Alabama Crimson Tide, a robust program aiming for a national title amid their endeavor. It earned hype as the biggest SEC showdown in conference history, simply for the two powerhouse teams that define college football.

Without Florida-‘Bama in a fray, the game is dull and the BCS system suddenly becomes elusive. If there’s no Florida-‘Bama, there isn’t a point for having a conversation on football.

For a few years now, it has been interesting watching the SEC as the Deep South kept us guessing and produced action-packed, high-powered excitement. Before our very eyes, Florida is no longer as threatening or powerful. Instead, the boys from Sweet Home Alabama have convenient tools to win the national title next month.

After pounding the Gators, not allowing fans to perform the Gator Chomp gestures, emotions flared in an unusual way. Instead, shedding tears indicated agony as a reign many were accustomed to suddenly ceased. Dating back to last season when a distraught Tebow emotionally apologized and promised to fans following a disappointing loss to Mississippi, consecutive losses weren’t much of a concern, until the Gators finally saw triumph perish.

However, the Tide finally avenged their upsetting loss a year ago against the Gators, which cost a national title berth. Getting used to a well-balanced program isn’t as bad as it seems. Yet, Tebow won’t arrive to perform his erratic jump passes or another remarkable finish, Alabama has similarities with a relentless rush attack engaged to confront amid an onslaught all times on turf. Such as playing the Gators, when almost every possession was blown sprints, spins, stiff-arms, and blistering speed of tailback Mark Ingram.

His three touchdown effort set a mental tone in the game, to whereas the Tide dominated until time expired and emerged a celebration. Of course, a delirious Alabama crowd embraced a spirited moment, cheering on the boys from Sweet Home Alabama. In contrast, the Gators were throbbed in a 32-13 loss, and an inspirational tale came to a terminal in a game the religious and well-respected sports figure in the country dripped tears onto his eyeblack.

For the longest time, it took the longest yard for Alabama to reach a pinnacle most are accustomed to. Well, the program finally has a resembling coach of Bear Bryant. When Saban committed to take on a prestigious job in the country, he left behind a complex job at the pro level, signing an enormous deal to coach Alabama. This country criticized him, teased him, expressed anger for a well-known reputation of accepting jobs because of greed and riches.

But now, we can praise Saban for bringing tough-minded, charismatic leadership to this program. Besides dwelling on whether he left behind unfinished business to coach a program willing to throw in huge bucks, dwell on the fact he has revived a program.

Now, we can utter, he prepares kids for big games against huge opponents. If you notice, Alabama plays with tremendous urgency, heart and resiliency. During press conferences Saban emphasizes the point of remaining alert when facing any team.

If someone has grudges with Saban, it doesn’t matter much. Folks, in Alabama appreciate his ability to recruit top high school prospects. If he tries even more so, Saban could possess nearly every top prospect in the South.

Almost everyone knows Saban is experienced and has been around the game long enough to inspire a convincing core. As a result, the Tide are a victory away of renovating championship notability for the first time since winning it all in 1992.

If the Tide smeared a historic picture by manipulating and pummeling the Gators, same goes for the Texas Longhorns. Being denied of a historical finish is painful, especially if you are an upperclassman. And Tebow is a senior, in which it was agonizing missing out on a return to the national title game and trying departing with a bang.

From the bright side, Tebow accomplished something ordinary athletes couldn’t. He was named a Heisman winner, and hoisted the stiff-armed statue. Aside the individual awards, Tebow celebrated and hoisted memorable trophies such as the crystal football, winning three national titles.

Unfortunately, the Gators won’t win its third national title in four years, losing for the first time in 22 games. So now, Alabama will travel to Pasadena, not for roses but a national title game every team dreams to participate in.

With a chaotic BCS system, a team has to be near perfect if expecting to qualify for the final game. And the Tide are near perfect.

Rarely is there a team with complete depth, having its way against defending champs. Ingram ran faster than lighting, McElroy removed the saboteur label and now is an essential piece to Alabama’s championship beliefs.

Julio Jones, arguably the nation’s best wide receiver, was explosive and outran Florida’s defenders, catching an 18-yard touchdown pass on the first play from the line of scrimmage.

Another national title is out of the equation. Had the Gators won, they’d have been off to Pasadena. But instead, the losers earn a privilege to play in the Sugar Bowl, a BCS game with less prestige. As for Alabama, exalted winners will fulfill a dream and play for a national title.

Good luck, Texas. The Tide come in with a complete package, a package full of potential champs.